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We do publishing with love. Our mission is to give your brand the love it deserves, so it can get the love it deserves.

We Know What Works

Otters are full of love, but also will fight for their own. Otter PR is the result of years of building businesses for ourselves and others. Finally, we've decided to put together a team of passionate branding experts and more.

We know that building a new brand can be difficult and we're here to help.  Your brand deserves to stand out and get the attention it deserves. We won't rest until your brand is a household name.

Every brand is special. First, we will look at your current assets including social, website, and marketing. Then we work to define your brand story. What is it that sets you apart from the competition? Why should your consumer buy from you and then buy again?

We are experts in storytelling and we will ignite the emotion in your brand, leading to stronger connections with your end consumer.


How We Deliver The Results That You Want!

Our Otters will work with you to create and execute realistic goals to grow your brand. Whether it be getting you published or working with you to create professional content, we always deliver.

Our Otters

Meet our senior team of PR & branding experts. We also work with a large network of professional contributors that is growing every day!

Jay Feldman

Jay Feldman

Co-Founder & PR Expert

Scott Barnick

Scott Barnick

Co-Founder & Amazon E-Commerce Expert

Talya Glenn

Talya Glenn

PPC & Content Specialist

Let's Work Together!

We interview every client to make sure that our relationship will be a fun one for everyone. Realistic expectations and real results.


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