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A Little About Myself

Veronica is a Florida native, born and raised in the Sunshine State, who graduated from UF in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in linguistics. During her time in college, she embarked on an adventure that took her to Prague in the Czech Republic, where she lived for what she calls “a transformative decade.”
While she lived in Prague, Veronica owned and operated Skicentrum, a successful ski and snowboard shop, for seven years. After returning to Florida, she served as the CMO for a B2B consulting firm specializing in the IT/MSP space. In addition to her corporate roles, she has pursued freelance work in web, logo, and graphic design.
While Veronica cherishes her experiences from her time living in Europe, returning home to Florida has rekindled her love for St. Petersburg’s vibrant art community and laid-back beach vibes. Despite the occasional pang of nostalgia for Europe, St. Pete’s unique charm makes it a place Veronica wouldn’t trade for anything.
Favorite Client Types:
As a former small business owner herself, Veronica loves helping other small businesses along their own journeys toward success. Her experience and background allow her to guide clients in navigating email campaigns, UX design, landing pages, CRMs, automations, and marketing best practices.
Otter Things To Know:
Veronica’s passion for creating extends far beyond the digital realm! She owns several 3D printers that allow her to design and print custom tap handles for local bars and restaurants.
Veronica also enjoys working with resin in hands-on craft projects and teaches stained glass art three days a week. When she isn’t working, her love for the outdoors will often find her paddleboarding and camping during the summer, snowboarding during the winter, and traveling throughout the rest of the year.
Veronica Dunn

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