Crisis Management & Communications

Crisis Mangement & Communications

Conquer your crisis with the professional crisis management team at Otter PR. Schedule a free consult with a crisis expert today!

Trust Otter to Help You Manage Your Crisis Communications

Our experts and connections make us the obvious choice to handle your crisis and get you to the other side unharmed. Find out how a professional crisis management firm can benefit your business or brand.

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Planning & Strategy

Our crisis response team will come together to evaluate and plan the perfect response to your situation. We take all variables into account and have a perfect track-record.


We will help you release the perfect communication to the public and the media. We will even train you to anticipate and respond to any questions that could arise.

Media Intervention

Our team will step in and change the narrative with the media and the public. With our resources and relationships with media professionals, this is a crucial step.

Repair & Remove

Now that the crisis is over, we will work to repair your online reputation and put the crisis truly behind you. The crisis does not end when they stop talking. 

The Otter Crisis Management Method

We know how hard it can be to go through a media crisis. You are not alone and you do not need to go through it without professional help. Working with Otter as your professional crisis manager can reduce the length and severity of your crisis and help you move on up to 5x faster, even if you are working with another crisis management firm.


Crisis Management Does Not Have to Break the Bank

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Book a call with our professional crisis communications team to see if we are able to help with your situation.

Do You Need A Crisis Plan?

If you had a previous crisis, or anticipate one in the future, you may need a Crisis Communications Plan. Our team of crisis experts will review your vulnerabilities and create a complete plan for your company to respond to any situation. A great crisis plan can prevent negative situations from arising or help to eliminate them quickly. Do not wait, order your plan today!

Your Crisis Response Team

Jay headshot

Jay Feldman, DO

Co-Founder & Crisis Expert

Jay is one of our Co-Founders and one of the top crisis experts. He has presented on Crisis Communications on EOFire and has been featured in top publications such as Forbes, Inc, and Business Insider. Meet Jay

Thomas headshot

Thomas Mustac


Thomas holds a Masters Degree in Communication with an Advanced Certification in Nonprofit organizations. His diverse background spans the healthcare, sports and interior design industries. His interests include travel, sports and personal fitness. Meet Thomas

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