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A Little About Myself


Jay Felman is a known health influencer and thought leader. He went to school at the University of Florida where he studied pre-med and continued his education at an NYC medical school. He has taken all the knowledge he gained from his own journey of success and started Otter PR with his business partner, Scott Bartnick, in early 2020.

Jay’s expertise in the Thought Leadership world has made him an invaluable resource for other professionals looking to break into the space. He found his passion in working with Thought Leaders and small businesses, as he holds a strong desire to help build their business empires and has been doing it ever since.

He also hosts the Mentors Collective podcast and has been featured in Business Insider, Forbes, Entrepreneur, IBTimes, and Entrepreneurs to Watch, among many others.

Favorite Clients:

Jay loves working with anyone that is an expert in their space. He has a natural ability to see clients’ potential and help them visualize how far they can go. 

Otter Things to Know:

Jay played collegiate Volleyball and played professional beach volleyball for eight years.