Media Training

Are you ready for that upcoming media interview? Do you know what will be asked and how to best respond? Do you want to learn how to increase your likability and get an ask-back for future interviews? If these questions resonate with you, our personal media training is the next step to mastering your next interview.

Otter PR Media Training Experts

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National Broadcast Journalist, Media Expert, Entreprenuer

"Danielle began her career as a news anchor and reporter in Rapid City, South Dakota and soon moved on to help launch a new NBC affiliate where she hired, trained, and guided a full broadcast news team. She also currently works for CNN Newssource as a freelance journalist."

Ryan Bass

Veteran News anchor, podcast host, and TV personality

"Ryan has hosted hundreds of hours of television and has interviewed more than 1000 subjects over his career. With more than a decade of news and journalism experience, he has covered Super Bowls, Presidential elections, weather events, and more."

Key Media Training Take-Aways

Media Training Packages


Training conducted by either Ryan or Danielle, and their combined 25+ years experience in media.



Training conducted by both Ryan and Danielle, who have a combined 25+ years experience in media.



VIP on Site Training with Ryan and Danielle, who have a combined 25+ years of experience in media.