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I’m one of the writers you will be working with at Otter! I look forward to learning more about you, your goals, and how my writing can help maximize your impact in the media.

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A Little About Marcy


Marcy Paulson is a full-time writer based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She graduated from Bryan College with a Bachelor’s degree in education and received a Master’s degree from Peabody at Vanderbilt University. She’s been telling her clients’ stories as a feature writer for seven years now, and mentions that it never gets old!


Favorite Client Types:

Some of Marcy’s most memorable interviews have been with Grammy-winning harmonica master Howard Levy, ukulele virtuoso and President Biden’s nominee for National Council on Arts Jake Shimabukuro, Old-Time Country Music Hall of Famer and Folklife Heritage Award-winner Roy Harper, YouTube’s beatboxing flute sensation Greg Pattillo, worldwide authority on harp guitars Gregg Miner, and Richmond Indigenous Gourd Orchestra Founder Arthur Stephens.


Otter Things To Know:

When Marcy is not writing about other people’s lives, she enjoys living hers in beautiful Chattanooga. You can find her picking guitar with her husband in their old-time string band or hiking through the Appalachian foothills with her family. Marcy also owns close to 100 harmonicas! She and her husband Jeff have opened for a musician who opened for Gene Autry, and her string band’s YouTube channel has over 1.3K views — even though Jeff insists on playing banjo in the videos.

Are you a good fit?

The amount of publicity they have generated for has been nothing short of impressive. It has dramatically increased new clients by 30% and I have seen my platforms grow 2-fold

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