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Hi, I'm Caleb Harper

I’ll be your publicist here at Otter PR! I look forward to learning more about you and your PR goals so I can help you maximize your coverage and impact in the media.

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A Little About Myself


Caleb is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has a Bachelor’s degree in software systems engineering and an MBA in Logistics Management. He has worked in many sectors including Manufacturing, Video Games, and Programming.

Caleb has over 10 years of experience developing software systems and other various technologies. He has built countless websites and has contributed to many git repositories, helping developers all around the world bring their visions to fruition.


Favorite Client Types:

Caleb’s favorite client types are those in the Technology, Sustainability, and Food industries.


Otter Things to Know:

When not in front of a screen, Caleb enjoys many outdoor activities and sports to unwind. His main interests include video games, technology, and finding new amazing recipes to try.

Caleb headshot

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