Public Relations 101: Why is Public Relations Important?

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From social media influencers to major companies, public relations (PR) is a powerful tool for anyone in the public eye. When you are responsible for maintaining a positive image, every action and every choice is important. Fortunately, public relations tactics can help personal and commercial brands to increase awareness, generate more leads, and navigate unpleasant public opinions. 


Using Public Relations Tactics to Build a Better Brand Image

Public relations tactics can be used to guide the opinion of the public. This is important whether you are trying to find new followers or you want to release your new line of bath bombs. The way that the public views your brand matters, and the right public relations tactics allow you to steer their opinions in the right way.


The world of PR is evolving as the mediums that people prefer change. A public relations consultant will help you to meet your audience where they are, whether that means on social media or in a a public event. Using these tactics, you can create a better brand image.


Common Public Relations Tactics Include:

  • Events
  • Donations
  • PR Statements
  • News Articles
  • Community Outreach


Types of Public Relations

In order to understand why public relations is so important, you have to understand the different types of public relations. A public relations consultant can help you to navigate a wide range of relationships with the public. Let’s take a closer look at the most common types of public relations.



Your community is your audience, but it also includes your local area and even groups that you might represent. Having a positive relationship with your community is very important when it comes to establishing your reputation and protecting against negative remarks. Hosting events and offering donations are good examples of community-focused PR.


Community PR Helps You:

  • Build a positive reputation
  • Attract more audience members
  • Craft a good image

Public Relations 101, public relations tactics, public relations consultant



Media PR is all about navigating your relationship with the press. Public relations consultants will work to network with established publishers and use good mediums for sharing your story. They can help you to share information at the right time in the right place.


Media PR Helps You:

  • Share details and personal statements
  • Tell your side of the story
  • Establish brand awareness



Businesses are judged by their practices and products, but they are also judged by the ways they treat their staff. Time and time again, businesses end up impacted by the public perception of how they treat employees. Showing the world that you care for your employees can have a positive impact on your brand.


Employee PR Helps You:

  • Attract potential talent
  • Establish credibility
  • Present a positive image


Disaster and Crisis

Public relations is most commonly known for its role in navigating a crisis. Sometimes, brands end up with a negative image that can impact their sales and force them to lose potential customers. PR consultants help brands to navigate these challenges when they come up.


Disaster and Crisis PR Helps You:

  • Recover from bad publicity
  • Take control of your narrative
  • Repair damage with your audience


The Benefits of Public Relations

The true importance of public relations can be found in the many benefits public relations offers. Using effective public relations tactics can lead to a long list of positive outcomes for businesses of all shapes and sizes–and across all industries. When you invest in a public relations consultation, you are investing in all of these benefits and more.

Public Relations 101, public relations tactics, public relations consultant


A More Positive Public Image

In an Internet-driven world, people expect brands to have a public image. Any time that they interact with a brand that they like, they will often look online to find more about them. When you actively use public relations tactics, you are defining what they will find when they look. You can use this to your benefit, creating the perfect opportunity to share what you have to offer.


Why is public relations important? It allows you to share the right information with the right people!


Established Presence and Credibility

Having an online presence is essential, even for small businesses. Brands that have a strong online presence are able to establish themselves as industry experts and grow their credibility. With the right public relations content, a small business can seem much larger and an everyday expert can become a thought leader.


Generate Leads

Everything about public relations content is designed to guide the public toward your brand in a positive way. The content is made to be warm and welcoming, inviting them along to learn more about your journey. Since this is the primary goal, PR content also works very well for generating potential leads. The more positive content people see about a brand, the more likely they are to choose it.


Brand Repairs

The public opinion of a brand is something that can change at a moment’s notice–and a swift reply can have a big impact. When something goes wrong for a brand and public opinion begins to turn in a negative direction, brand repairs must be made. With public relations tactics, a PR nightmare can be left in the past.


Control of the Narrative

Framing has a huge impact on the way that people interpret information and content. If you don’t tell your story your way, then someone else will. Public relations teams can help you to take control of your narrative and share the story you want to share. Whether it means promoting how your company serves its community or recovering from a bit of bad press, PR experts can help.


The Takeaway

Public relations can help you to create the relationship with your community and potential sponsors that you want to see. Through the use of dedicated content, compelling mediums, and public relations tactics, you can fully define your brand’s image for the public. To learn more about how we help individual brands and companies to maintain a positive relationship with the public, contact our team at Otter PR today!

Public Relations 101, public relations tactics, public relations consultant

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