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“Next” is not a word often heard from or regarding legacy PR firms, since most still make their money clinging to the old model. When Otter PR was formed two years ago, it did so as a Web3-native agency. We understand that our role is not only to innovate, but to innervate — to give our clients the nerves and the confidence to embrace new media and new ideas. 

Why do we do this? Because the rewards will be enormous. 

How do we do it? A proprietary strategy that we call OTRTM: Outreach, Trends and Relationships.



At Otter PR, we know how modern media works. We have built a public relations process that relies on communication and storytelling. Our Outreach process is curated to ensure that our clients’ stories are seen.

Otter PR’s Outreach begins with implementing the top outreach softwares and creating our own database filled with contacts we’ve established a strong rapport with.  We utilize the industry’s top media databases in individualized manners developed for the individual platforms. 

We have developed our Outreach processes by analyzing our success rates with different methods to establish our fail-proof system in our pitching strategy. We have reinvented the impersonal practice of pitching that would formerly result in frustrated journalists and sometimes ruined relationships.

Traditional PR practices consisted of sending out a press release via an expensive consolidator or wire service, then hope that an editor reads it, and — if they’re lucky — takes a bite at their headline. Following up effectively is impossible when you reach out to thousands of editors you don’t know, so results are a scattershot, at best. 

This is why we have developed a tight structure to ensure that the journalists we contact are the journalists that want to hear from our clients. We are routinely scrubbing our media lists and updating our contacts’ information as we work with them. 

That said, we don’t only rely on media databases to access our contacts. We know that many journalists have opted out of inclusion on these legacy data bases due to the sheer quantity of pitches they receive on a daily basis, many of which are not relevant to their beats. To make sure we don’t miss any important contacts, Otter PR has a publicist on each team dedicated to monitoring all journalist requests and has built a network that receives more than 1,500 requests a day.  We understand the importance of monitoring these requests daily to ensure our clients never miss an opportunity to share their expert opinions.

Otter PR’s team of media veterans knows the industry inside and out. At Otter PR, we have built a team consisting of PR Strategists, News Anchors, Journalists, Publicists, Academics, and creatives and combined their knowledge and experience to develop our meticulously outlined outreach process. We consistently monitor our success rate in our pitching schedules and structure to ensure that we are up to date on trends and are using the strongest approach to land our clients’ success. The stories we create for our clients have an audience the moment we click “send” on our pitches and press releases. 


Our founders did not study to become publicists. If they had, Otter PR would look (and behave) a lot like the industry’s legacy firms. Instead, Scott and Jay were able to see the earth shifting under Madison Avenue, and the opportunities blowing up online thanks to social media and Web3. Our team is constantly monitoring Google Trends with a proprietary alert method; we see relevant news before anyone else and quickly submit our clients for expert commentary. 

This is where Otter PR shines.  Our strategy is dependent on Trends. We’ve eliminated the six-month timeframe traditionally used to develop a strategy plan that is reliant on stagnant news cycles and void of fluidity. Instead, we take only three days to outline our strategy plans filled with targeted topics and our clients’ expertise. We know that strategy plans are subject to change based on the media landscape, and we welcome it. By monitoring trends and responding to them appropriately, our clients will always be the most relevant sources for comments and expert opinions. 

Every day, we have our media experts observing trending news and reporting the most crucial topics to our team, so at the start of the day, we know exactly what to pitch for our clients, landing them consistent organic successes in top mainstream media outlets. 



Our team has built an extensive private network of reporters who reach out to Otter PR for responses on breaking news on a daily basis. Ultimately, it’s our Relationships that make the difference, and our network is always growing. 

Our team consists of a diverse group of media professionals, many of which have their own publications and network of relationships that they utilize to land consistent success for their clients. Although, when we say our “Relationships” are our strong suit, we don’t mean only our relationships with the media.  

Our firm’s internal Relationships are a key part of our massive success. Although our clients have a dedicated PR team, they are gaining access to our entire PR staff and their media relationships. Everyone on our team is working together to ensure that all of Otter PR’s clients are getting top tier success. We utilize relationships within our team by conducting weekly meetings to brainstorm and offer suggestions or resources to each other to ensure that we don’t miss any opportunities for our clients.

We also have a dedicated staff of professional writers, including published authors and veterans of top publications, allowing us to offer a variety of media outlets — from local newspapers to international news organizations — ready-to-publish articles, listicles, and guest pieces. At a time when every news company is having to produce more content with less talent, this gives us and our clients an essential competitive advantage.

If you have a story to tell, a brand to build, or a wealth of experience to share, contact us at And trust OTRTM to deliver results.

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Nik Korba

Nik has been a screenwriter, ghostwriter, novel writer, song writer, and blog writer with a degree from the University of Miami. He has prepared communications for thousands online and on social platforms, as well as being involved in the production of more than 1,000 videos.
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