Why PR Campaigns are Important

A good PR campaign is like the backbone of a brand’s story. Think of it as the bridge connecting a company to its audience. Without a solid PR campaign, even the best products or ideas can go unnoticed. Schedule a call today to learn more.

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What is a PR Campaign?

Think of it as your brand’s spotlight moment. It’s how you introduce yourself, share your story, and connect with the world. In simple terms, a public relations campaign is a planned effort to raise awareness about something special – be it a product, service, or message. Done right, it can make a big splash and create lasting connections.

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Featured Publicists at Otter PR

Public Relations Orlando Public Relations Tampa PUblic Relations ST Petersburg Public Relations Florida PR Strategy
Ryan Bass
Full-Time Media Director

As a former Channel 10 news anchor, Ryan Bass is one of the premier names in St. Pete Public Relations. Ryan is ready to help you get exposure.

PR Strategy
Gregory Linnelli
Full-Time Account Strategist​

Gregory is currently a Game Day Host for the Tampa Bay Lightning Radio Network. He reports on local news in St. Pete and would love to help your company gain exposure.

Dan Matics Tampa Publicist
Dan Matics
Full-Time Media Strategist

Dan has worked with WSOC-TV and FOX Tampa before joining Otter PR as a full time media strategist. Dan uses his media knowledge to help our clients.

Brand Auditing

An effective PR campaign starts with a cohesive brand message. We’ll evaluate your brand’s consistency and provide actionable feedback.

Communications Auditing

We’ll meticulously review your current PR approaches to spot any areas that need adjustment. Our goal is to ensure you’re on the best path forward.

Story/Brand Pitching

After crafting a solid PR strategy, we’ll connect your brand’s story to relevant media outlets, targeting those that align with your vision.

Creating Opportunity

Once your brand story reaches the target audience, it’s an achievement worth celebrating and sharing. We’ll guide you in magnifying its impact online.

The Otter PR Method for Public Relations Campaigns

When considering the development of a successful PR campaign, Otter PR stands out as the premier choice. Our approach goes beyond mere publicity. We immerse ourselves in understanding the unique narrative of each client, ensuring a tailored and strategic campaign. With our expertise and dedication, Otter PR has become the trusted partner for companies seeking impactful public relations..


Top PR Agency in the Nation - We Have The Connections


Crafting Winning PR Campaigns for Businesses

Thinking about launching a PR campaign for your venture? Dive in with Otter PR. We’re not just any PR agency; we’ve got a track record, with achievements like the Tampa Bay Inno Awards and the Silver Stevie Award under our belt. With our passionate team and keen performance metrics, we ensure your next campaign shines.



Turning Business Leaders into Industry Voices

You’ve got a story, insights, and a unique viewpoint that the world should hear. Whether you’re on the path to being a thought leader or you’re already an expert eager to elevate your voice, we’ve got your back. Let’s co-create a PR campaign and social media strategy to spotlight your expertise.

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Otter PR FAQs

Why hire a publicist for your campaign?

Plain and simple, publicists have connections, experience, and a network that you do not and can cut through the red tape that keeps you from getting your story heard. A publicist will develop PR tactics, newsworthy material, pitch to journalists, write press releases, arrange interviews with journalists and other public figures, and more, all to ensure you are seen and heard.

What is the best press release definition?

People often confuse the press release definition with that of a media release. That being said, a press release is generally meant for larger organizations or brands to make official statements to the public. We write and distribute all types of news releases, press kits, media advisories for businesses and brands looking to attract new customers through publicity.

Can I see Otter PR's case studies?

As part of a comprehensive approach to public relations, media relations, press releases, and digital distribution, we have built a very strong relationship between our clients’ brands, their target audiences, and the media outlets that consistently cover them. You can check out many of our successes right here on the case studies page.

Which PR package is the best?

Every situation is different, but a PR strategy is the best way to get your business in front of journalists. We believe you get the most out of every media opportunity with a customized subscription-based PR package. While this offers better overall value, we also offer a la carte publications. Schedule a free consult to learn more.

Can you tell me how to get verified on Instagram?

The process of being verified on social media can be complicated, but it is vital when it comes to protecting your brand. Getting a blue check mark next to your name will make you stand out amongst your followers, increase trust, and help improve advertising outcomes. We offer a full-range of social media verification packages for every platform. Schedule a call today to get started.

What is the best Public Relations strategy for me?

Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and the public. Every situation is different, but at Otter PR, we are experts at customizing a PR strategy around your unique story.