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The Checklist you Need for Your PR Startup

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As you begin to create your PR startup, there are a few steps you cannot miss. We have created a checklist that will easily guide you and help you be prepared.

Brand Identity: it is necessary to know your company from top to bottom so you can promote it and what it represents.

  • Find why your company is important and what vision it will stand by. It is necessary to have a mission that will help your brand connect with customers.
  • Check your website is working correctly with the best SEO practices, about us and team pages, active social media accounts, and an available media kit.
  • Make sure your brand is coherent in all your platforms.

How to Brand Yourself

Team Members: your employees should be a representation of the kind of work you want to achieve and the kind of person you are; hire people with similar values and goals.

  • Hire the best possible team members that will stand by your brand’s vision.
  • Reach out to experienced publicists to join your company; explain them why this will be a great opportunity.

Target Audience: your audience is the key element and you should know exactly what kind of customers you are interested in.

  • Create the desired customer profile.
  • Research the kind of customer relationship your competitors have and the one you would like to establish.
  • Monitor the media for specific interests.
  • Connect with customers through social media.

Media Kit: this is one way in which people can get to know your company so it has to be done professionally and in an aesthetically pleasing way that will be appealing to those who see it.

  • Corroborate the needed information is there: mission, narrative, testimonials, and contact details.

6 Elements Your Brand Must Have

Set Goals: what motivates you? What do you want to get done?

  • Establish the business and media goals you would like your company to reach such as attracting investors, customers, and talent.

Budget: what kind of money do you start with? What financial goals do you have? How do you plan on achieving them?

  • Know the budget that you have to begin with.
  • Have a plan towards the kind of budget you want to have in the future and work toward that long-term plan.

Contact Database: you need a solid network that will continue to grow with time.

  • Create the perfect list of journalists, businesses, influencers, and entrepreneurs you would want your company to work with.
  • Start reaching out to them and talking about your company, your vision, and the work you will achieve.

Pitching: it is very important that your clients know you are constantly working to get them the media coverage you promised.

  • Start thinking of great story ideas about your clients so you can start sending pitches immediately.
  • Compose a list of relevant media outlets and journalists that would be interested in your pitches and your clients.

3 Steps to Creating Stories That Stick

These are some of the steps that will help you launch your PR startup in great conditions. Knowing your brand, the people you work with, your goals, and the way you will strategize to reach them is necessary when starting your own business. This simple checklist will help you make sure you have followed the right steps and you are ready to start working with multiple, different clients.

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