3 Steps to Creating Stories That Stick

3 Steps to Creating Stories That Stick

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Have you ever read pointless stories with annoying twists?

It sounds engaging at first, then it goes off course about a date, then you read about a wedding to a spouse that was never mentioned, with a recall of an eureka moment in college and you’re wondering how it all fits in…

There might be catch at some point but by the time you get there, you’ve lost interest and you’re annoyed that you had to go through such a boring route. So, let’s make sure your audience never feels that way about your content.

Your audience wants content that makes sense and they want to get to the point quickly. Give it to them using the following steps:

Start with an end in mind

The ideal thing is that before you begin writing, you should ask at least two questions about the script or blog post you’re about to create:

What goals do you have for this content?

What one thing would you have your audience grasp?

Publishing great content will do many good things for you. You can attract a larger set of readers, inspire your audience into action and build prospects will be likely to make a purchase down the line.

You are not likely to achieve all this with just one content or blog post but your consistency in churning out quality content will lead to a significant transformation and eventually change the course of your life.

Go on and write

You want to have the answers to the above questions ready before you start writing. You also want to make a mental note about this while you allow your words to flow.  

At this point you may digress and even have some dead ends. Relax and give yourself some space. It’s your first draft and you know what they say about drafts if you don’t want to be stuck with writer’s block…

So, go on and write the article, blog, news, or report. The more words you write, the more breathing room you’ll have when you need to proofread and edit.

Take a break, and then review

All things being equal, you should leave your first draft for a while (24 hours if possible) while you do other things. This will allow you to see it with clear eyes in the context of your original perspective when you are ready to go through it again.

In reviewing, remove the dross and let the silver shine through. Look at your questions again.

Does the content have the answers you mentally noted?

Does it align with your intent for it?

Will it make a meaningful change?

If your answers are yes all through, this is great.

You may also choose to go with better answers that popped up in your course of writing. This is even greater. Whatever works for you, be sure that your content answers these questions at every point.

Choose words that resonate with the questions.

Your paragraphs should be in tangent with your answers.

Your introduction should go straight to the point, before your audience has a chance to get bored.

Do this consistently and in due time, you and your audience will benefit greatly from excellent content writing

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