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Pitching your clients and stories on them to journalist will be a key part of your work as a publicist. When doing this, you need to be prepared and come to the reporters with the stories already created so they see you know what you are talking about and why it would be good for them to cover this pitch. Here are two very important aspects you need to keep in mind:

How to win earned media

Types of Media Coverage

There are several types of media coverage you can have access to when pitching journalists.

  • Guest Article: have an article published by a publication under your client’s name.
  • Expert Commentary: provide a comment that will be published regarding a topic in your client’s area of expertise.
  • Guest Appearance: your client will show up as a guest on TV shows, radio shows, or podcasts.
  • Profile: a reporter will write a profile on your client that will later be published on their publication.
  • Interview: your client will be interviewed by a reporter and that will be published.
  • Product Review: your client’s product will be professional reviewed by a publication.


Best time to pitch

Types of Stories to Pitch

When pitching a story, you need to know there are different types your client would be fit for or that the reporter would like to explore.

General Guest Article

  • What is it? A guest article spot in a publication regarding a relevant topic that your client knows about.
  • How to pitch it? Remember to address the journalist by their name and the name of their publication; this is important in whatever kind of story you are trying to pitch. State the purpose of your pitch, highlight your client, and remark why that topic is relevant.

How to Write a Perfect Guest Post

Actionable Insight

  • What is it? An actionable and practical insight based on your client’s experience and expertise.
  • How to pitch it? Set the scene to explain what your client’s insight is, why they are relevant, and explain the details of your pitch.

Breaking News Hook

  • What is it? It allows your client to jump on a breaking news story by offering their opinion or insight from their expert position on a certain industry.
  • How to pitch it? Mention the breaking news story, the angle of the pitch, and why your client can talk about it.

Sector Overview

  • What is it? An overview or analysis of something happening in your client’s industry.
  • How to pitch it? Explain the industry your client belongs to, why they can talk about it, and from what angle they will be talking.

Offering a Solution

  • What is it? A story or advice from your client that provide a solution to a well-know or recent problem.
  • How to pitch it? Mention the issue your client will offer a solution to, who your client is, and what angle they can give this issue.
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Product Review

  • What is it? A professional review is written about your client’s product.
  • How to pitch it? Introduce the product by giving details and explaining why it is unique. Remember to give details about who your client is.

When reaching out to journalists, you need to be prepared and show you know what you are talking about: your client, the pitch, and their publication. By having an idea of the types of media coverage and the types of stories you can pitch, it will be easier for you to know how to contact reporters.

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