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When you create a company, there are a few things you need to be aware of to succeed. It is very important that you establish the approach you want to take with the promotional activity you want to do to become successful. Your startup should have a long-term view based on the business goals you have set that will be achieved by the media goals you will follow. The three most important concepts you need to keep in mind are: the PR activity you want to be a part of, the narrative you wish to build, and the media outlets you will be targeting.


Four Ways in Which PR Helps Your eCommerce Business Grow

Five Business Goals to Keep in Mind

If you are starting your own business, you need to have the next five goals. They will be backed by media goals that will guarantee your success.

Getting Started

Media Goals:

  • Credibility: your company needs to be seen as a credible source.
  • Social Proof: it is needed to show you and your company are experts and are taken seriously in your area of knowledge.

Getting Funds or Investors

Media Goals:

  • Awareness: catch people’s attention through the right media outlets.
  • Social Proof: what will your investors know about you? How will you be portrayed?

Getting Customers

Media Goals:

  • Credibility: have a credible online footprint to attract more customers.
  • Awareness: you need to be part of the conversation in your industry.
  • An Organic Search Ranking: your aim should be to appear in Google’s first searching page.

Getting the Talent

Media Goals:

  • Credibility: you need to look credible in the eyes of those who you want to work with.
  • Reputation: it is vital in talent acquisition since they will want to work with the best of the best.
Media Goals


How to Achieve These Goals?

There are several PR activities you can do to achieve these goals and set your company as credible and reliable in the eyes of customers, talent, and investors.

  • Press Release: it helps when announcing any company updates.
  • Guest Articles: will build your social proof and establish you as a leader in your industry.
  • Expert Commentaries: will give you mentions that will increase your credibility and your search.
  • Product Reviews: it will create awareness in the eyes of a target audience.
  • Conference Speaking: you will engage directly while gaining credibility and social proof.
  • Award Submission: it will create awareness and credibility.
  • Social Media: it is another way in which you can engage directly with your target audience while gaining credibility and social proof.

Master List of Contributor Sites

Starting your business means a long and detailed process and that’s why it is extremely important to have a strategy. The main thing you need to make sure of is that you have your business goals clear and you do everything in your power to accomplish them. If you focus on those and how to reach them, your company will definitely be a successful one. And you will know exactly how to help your customers have the same success, awareness, credibility, and social proof that you will have gained for yourself.

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