Why Hire a PR Specialist?

Having a dedicated public relations specialist isn’t just a luxury; it’s essential for those looking to develop a brand. They’re the ones who craft your story, manage your reputation, and ensure that the world sees you in the best possible light. Schedule a call today to learn more.

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Award-Winning Public Relations Specialists Right In Your Neighborhood

Discover award-winning public relations specialists at Otter PR. Proudly ranked as the top PR firm on Clutch, G2, and UpCity, we’re committed to delivering unparalleled results in the realm of public relations.

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Featured PR Specialists at Otter PR

Public Relations Orlando Public Relations Tampa PUblic Relations ST Petersburg Public Relations Florida PR Strategy
Ryan Bass
Full-Time Media Director

As a former Channel 10 news anchor, Ryan Bass is one of the premier names in St. Pete Public Relations. Ryan is ready to help you get exposure.

PR Strategy
Gregory Linnelli
Full-Time Account Strategist​

Gregory is currently a Game Day Host for the Tampa Bay Lightning Radio Network. He reports on local news in St. Pete and would love to help your company gain exposure.

Dan Matics Tampa Publicist
Dan Matics
Full-Time Media Strategist

Dan has worked with WSOC-TV and FOX Tampa before joining Otter PR as a full time media strategist. Dan uses his media knowledge to help our clients.

Brand Auditing

A great PR strategy relies heavily on brand consistency. Does your brand’s appearance align with what you offer? Our public relations specialists will evaluate and guide you accordingly.

Communications Auditing

By taking a deep-dive into your current PR tactics, we will show you where you are lacking consistency and where to improve.

Story/Brand Pitching

After crafting the perfect PR strategy, our PR specialists will take your story and brand to the press. We’re focused on securing spots for you in leading publications and platforms of your choice.

Creating Opportunity

We have taken your business and brand to the world, and now, the magic happens. You are now published. Time to share your success online.

Otter PR's Approach to Public Relations Management

At Otter PR, we understand the nuances of public relations. Whether you’re seeking a dedicated PR specialist or seeking guidance on enhancing your current PR strategies, our team is here to help. With a deep-rooted commitment to your brand’s image and reputation, we ensure you’re always seen in the best light.


Tampa's Leading PR Specialists - We Have The Connections


Empowering Businesses with Expert Public Relations Specialists

Considering a fresh PR campaign? Otter PR stands as your comprehensive solution. With a foundation built on extensive industry knowledge, we roll out PR campaigns that garner prestigious recognitions. Our dedicated team of public relations specialists, backed by robust performance metrics, guarantees your campaign’s suuccess.



We Help Business Leaders Become Known

Every business leader has a unique story and insight awaiting a larger audience. Whether you’re aiming to establish yourself as a thought leader or an industry expert, our team is here to assist. Our PR specialists will craft a tailored public relations strategy to effectively amplify your voice and position you at the forefront of your industry.

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Otter PR FAQs

What does a public relations specialist do?

Plain and simple, a public relations specialist has connections, experience, and a network that you do not and can cut through the red tape that keeps you from getting your story heard. They will develop PR tactics, newsworthy material, pitch to journalists, write press releases, arrange interviews with journalists and other public figures, and more, all to ensure you are seen and heard.

How can I find the right public relations specialist for my business?

Consider your industry, company size, and specific needs. Research and reach out to firms like Otter PR that have a track record of success in public relations, and discuss your objectives to find a match that aligns with your goals.

Can I see Otter PR's case studies?

As part of a comprehensive approach to public relations, media relations, press releases, and digital distribution, we have built a very strong relationship between our clients’ brands, their target audiences, and the media outlets that consistently cover them. You can check out many of our successes right here on the case studies page.

How do PR specialists measure the success of a campaign?

Evaluating PR campaign success goes beyond just media appearances. PR specialists analyze a combination of metrics, such as the breadth of audience reached, engagement levels, and sentiment analysis. They also assess the strength of relationships forged and how accurately the brand has been portrayed in the media. Schedule a call today to learn more.

How does Otter PR stand out from other PR firms?

Otter PR combines deep industry insights with a personalized touch. Our dedicated public relations specialists work closely with media outlets and clients, ensuring tailored strategies that resonate with their target audience and achieve desired outcomes.

How long does it typically take to see results from a PR campaign?

PR is a strategic effort, and the timeline for results can vary. While some campaigns might yield immediate placements, others might require more time. We always prioritize transparency, keeping our clients informed about progress and expected outcomes.