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The Perfect Media Kit Guide

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Every company needs a Media Kit, but what exactly is this? A document or a specific tab on your website with information about your business. The main goal is for it to work as an overview of your brand for any journalists, possible clients, or other people wanting to know more about you before contacting you or after the first communication. It is a great tool to help boost your brand and give it the credibility it deserves.

What should a Media Kit include? What is the relevant information it should have? How to create the perfect Media Kit? Here is a guide with relevant points:

About Us

  • When the company was founded.
  • Where the company is based.
  • What the company does.
  • The company’s origins.
  • Explain a little about the founders and the evolution of the company.
  • Remark any milestones.

Mission Statement

  • The why behind the brand.
  • What the purposes of the company are.
  • What you and your employees stand for.

The Team

  • Share the background of the key members.
  • Headshots.
  • Position.
  • Responsibilities.
  • Contact information, including social media.


  • Media outlets that have featured the company.
  • Awards you have won.
  • Share usage stats.

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  • Your clients’ testimonies and reviews.


  • The logo.
  • Any photos that are relevant to your brand.
  • Make sure they are in high quality.

Contact Information

  • Personal contact information to make you more accessible in the public eye.

Including these key elements in your Media Kit will guarantee your customers, the journalists, and anyone interested learns more about your brand. It will set you under a positive light for everyone to understand what your company stands for and the kind of work you are doing for your brand and for your customers.


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