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Why Guest Posts are a Great Exposure for your Brand

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A guest post, whether a blog post or an article on a magazine or newspaper, is a written piece published under your name on a third-party media outlet. They are mostly published free of charge with the purpose of providing expert insight or analysis to the readers. It isn’t intended as self-promotion so you should never write them to sell your brand.


According to Publicize, a digital public relations firm, there are seven benefits that will come out of writing a guest post. You wonder what those are? Here is a summary with the benefits and their importance.

  1. Exposure in the eyes of your target audience: this post will allow you to reach a broader audience. You will be read even by people outside the demographics you had established as the profile for your desired customer.
  2. Establish a media relationship: that publication can become very useful for any media coverage you may need in the future.
  3. Improved SEO: this will give you more quality backlinks making you more credible and moving you up in Google’s search rankings.
  4. Brand awareness: the more you get featured or mentioned, the more your brand will get recognized.
  5. Referral traffic: the backlinks will help redirect people to your website.
  6. Qualified leads: you can use the referral traffic to further re-direct people to other pages on your website and convert them into a lead.
  7. Establish yourself as a thought-leader: your audience will start seeing you as a leader in your industry with authority and credibility.

Email Pitching to Journalists

Who should you be pitching to?

You need to know who to pitch to. Not everyone will want to publish what you have to say or the insight you have to share, so make sure you know exactly who to contact. Researching the different media outlets will give you an idea of whose views or posts align with the one you want to write. Read a few of the articles that media has posted and you will know how to approach them with your pitch. Here is an idea of who you should be reaching out to:

  • Top-tier publications: those which are considered credible sources with a large readership.
  • Industry specific publications: the ones that align with your industry and your audience. They might not have a large readership, but they will reach your potential customers.
  • Publications with an engaged readership: they will have an audience more likely to share your post on social media and help your exposure grow.
  • Publications with a high Domain Authority (DA) score: this will make the backlinks more valuable. Aim for those with a DA score of at least 45 (on a scale of 1 to 100). You can use MozBar to check DA scores.


Guests posts are the perfect way to get your brand out there. You can’t use them for self-promotion, but you can set the tone of your credibility. By getting published in well-known media outlets you are establishing yourself as an expert and a leader in your industry. This is always help in attracting more people to your website, to your company, and making sure they know who you are and what you stand for.

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