Digital Media And How It Affects Your Business

We are now in the era where the internet is king. Did you know that as of February 2019, at least 74 percent of Americans owned a desktop computer or personal laptop? It seems as if everybody is on the internet these days. That number is only projected to grow, too. According to Cyber Security […]

What is Branding? Why is Branding Important?

It’s 2021 and you’ve finally decided to begin your entrepreneurial journey. Congratulations on being a business owner! You know what service or product you’re going to promote, you have a name for your company… now it’s time to begin branding it. But, what exactly is branding, anyway? And why is it so important when starting […]

How Marketing And Design Work Together

Is design really that important when it comes to curating a successful business? Let’s set the scene: you are an entrepreneur. You own a small business, or maybe you are your own brand. You have many ideas in your head about how to make your business come to life, but you’re unsure of the best […]

SEO For Beginners – Rank Your Website Now!

If you are just starting your online business then I want to give you a quick tip regarding SEO. You need to realize that it’s your competition on the search engines who determines where you rank for your keywords. This should not be too difficult a realization since everyone who is on the internet is […]


hire a pr agency

WHAT IS PUBLIC RELATIONS (PR)? When done correctly, public relations can significantly increase your brand’s credibility and profitability. Yet, PR is extremely under-appreciated since many do not understand it. So, what exactly is public relations? PR agencies utilize earned and unpaid media to communicate with a company’s audience. Forbes describes PR as the “Persuasion Business.” […]

Creating the Perfect PR for Growth Strategy

Plenty of the PR work that is done is aimed towards acquiring media coverage mostly for the sake of it, not necessarily to help achieve growth. But a different approach to PR, one that works to help startups and other business get the growth they want, is called PR for Growth. It focuses on the idea that growth can be achieved when startups or businesses are noticed by the right people.

The Perfect Toolkit for Journalist Pitching

Pitching your clients and stories on them to journalist will be a key part of your work as a publicist. When doing this, you need to be prepared and come to the reporters with the stories already created so they see you know what you are talking about and why it would be good for them to cover this pitch.