How To Get a Wikipedia Page For Your Company


Search on Google for Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, or Tim Cook and the first result you will see is not their personal website, corporate website, or Twitter feed. Rather, it is their Wikipedia page. For individuals and brands looking to improve their online reputation, a page on the world’s top wiki is important. Few resources […]

How To Write a Pitch That Will Make Editors Respond [With Examples]

How to write a pitch

How To Write a Pitch   Be Relevant To Readers: Pitch Examples Let’s imagine again that you make life preservers. You have a story about a new life preserver made especially for children that you want people to hear. How do you pitch it in a way that will make an outlet that doesn’t cover […]

Where to Send a Press Release (and Should You Use Free Press Release Sites)

a group of people sitting in row and having notes with them to write

Something huge just happened at your company. Maybe the funding that you have been waiting for finally came through. Or maybe you made an amazing new hire. Whatever it is, if it something that is going to impress your customers (as well as those who have yet to become your customers), you need to let […]

9 Tips to Protect Your Brand from Being Canceled

typerwriter with cancel culture written on paper

It happened to Matt Damon. It happened to Chrissy Teigen. It happened to Dr. Seuss. They were all “canceled” because of behavior that violated the expectations of the culture. Each suffered career setbacks because of the movement known as cancel culture. Celebrities are not the only ones who can find themselves the target of cancel […]

Crisis Management and Why Every Business Needs a Crisis Management Plan?


Business crises come in all shapes and sizes. A data breach is a business crisis. An employee turned whistleblower is also a business crisis. And a failed product definitely is a business crisis. While crises can take a variety of forms, they all have a few things in common. For one, they have the potential […]