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At Otter PR, our established connections span top media outlets, renowned publications, and influential podcasts. Through our collaborative efforts with a vast network of journalists and reporters, we aim to secure your spot in sought-after media spaces. Interested in discovering more? Schedule a complimentary consultation with us today.

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Seriously, we have been awarded by Clutch, UpCity, G2 for our media relations. If you’re looking for a top PR firm in the the U.S., you’ve come to the right place.

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Featured Publicists at Otter PR

Public Relations Orlando Public Relations Tampa PUblic Relations ST Petersburg Public Relations Florida PR Strategy
Ryan Bass
Full-Time Media Director

As a former Channel 10 news anchor, Ryan Bass is one of the premier names in St. Pete Public Relations. Ryan is ready to help you get exposure.

PR Strategy
Gregory Linnelli
Full-Time Account Strategist​

Gregory is currently a Game Day Host for the Tampa Bay Lightning Radio Network. He reports on local news in St. Pete and would love to help your company gain exposure.

Dan Matics Tampa Publicist
Dan Matics
Full-Time Media Strategist

Dan has worked with WSOC-TV and FOX Tampa before joining Otter PR as a full time media strategist. Dan uses his media knowledge to help our clients.

Brand Auditing

Consistency in brand image is vital for an effective media relations approach. We’ll assess if your brand’s appearance aligns with its promise and give you clear advice on the way forward.

Communications Auditing

We’ll thoroughly examine your current media relations strategies. By identifying any inconsistencies, we’ll guide you on areas that need refinement.

Story/Brand Pitching

After fine-tuning the media relations plan, we’re ready to introduce your story and brand to the media. Our primary objective? Getting you featured in the top-tier publications you desire.

Creating Opportunity

Having positioned your brand and business on a global stage, the spotlight is now on you. Celebrate this achievement by sharing your published success across digital platforms.

The Otter PR Media Relations Strategy

We begin by devising a comprehensive media relations strategy aimed at positioning your story in top-tier outlets. Leveraging our expertise in media relations, we ensure your narrative gains prominence across a variety of media platforms. Our key media relations partnerships empower us to guarantee success for every client. At Otter PR, our primary emphasis is on results, driven by stellar media relations.


Media Relations Excellence: We Have the Connections


Driving Businesses to Earned Media Excellence

In today’s fast-paced business world, getting the right media attention is crucial. As one of the leading PR agencies, Otter PR excels at helping businesses stand out. We understand the market inside and out, so we craft easy-to-follow and effective media relations campaigns, making sure our clients get noticed in the best places.


Transforming Business Leaders into Industry Authorities

Every business leader possesses a unique perspective that deserves the spotlight. Our expertise extends beyond mere media visibility; we aim to position you as the go-to in your respective industry. With our tailored media relations strategies and dedication, we ensure business leaders are not merely noticed but celebrated.

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Otter PR FAQs

What exactly is media relations?

Media relations is a specialized area within public relations, focused on building and maintaining strong ties with the media. At Otter PR, we view media relations as the bridge between your brand and the public, facilitated by journalists, bloggers, influencers, and other media professionals. It’s all about telling your brand’s story in a compelling way that resonates with your target audience.

Why is media relations important for my business?

Media relations plays a crucial role in shaping public perception about your brand. It provides a platform for businesses to share their successes, innovations, and values with a wider audience. When done right, media relations can elevate brand credibility, improve reputation, and drive organic traffic to your offerings, all while positioning you as an industry leader.

Can I see some of Otter PR's media relations case studies?

We believe in the power of tangible results, and our media relations case studies are a testament to the work we’ve done for brands across various sectors. Our case studies provide detailed insights into our strategy formulation, execution, and the achieved outcomes. By exploring them, you’ll get a clearer picture of how we tailor our media relations efforts to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

How does Otter PR differ from other media relations agencies?

Our approach to media relations at Otter PR combines deep industry insights with a personalized touch. We pride ourselves on fostering genuine, lasting relationships with media professionals. This ensures not just a one-time placement but a continuous stream of opportunities for your brand to shine in the media spotlight. Schedule a free consult to learn more.

How do you measure success in media relations?

Success in media relations isn’t just about the quantity of media placements but the quality. We evaluate success based on the relevance of the media outlet to your target audience, the accuracy of your brand’s representation, and the overall reach and impact of the story. It’s all about creating meaningful engagements that resonate with your audience. Schedule a call today to get started.

How long does it typically take to see results from a media relations campaign?

Media relations is a strategic endeavor, and results can vary based on the nature of your story and the targeted media outlets. Some campaigns can yield immediate placements, while others may require a more extended nurturing process. At Otter PR, we prioritize transparency and will keep you updated on the progress and expected timelines of your media relations efforts.