How to Get Verified on Instagram: 3 Steps to Get Blue Check [2022]

how to get a blue tick on instagram

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Only the most influential and popular Instagram accounts will ever see the blue verification tick beside their names, which makes it a sign of status in some way. This also explains why it can be incredibly challenging to get verified on Instagram.

Other  social  networks  also  have  comparable  status  or  verification  symbols. Facebook, (owner of Instagram), operates a similar verification style, using the symbol of a white tick on a blue background while the Twitter Profile Verification system had been running since 2009. Pinterest signposts verified influencer and celebrity and influencer accounts while TikTok, relatively new to the game, also provides the status symbol of a crown for its highest performers.

Most  of  these  platforms  have  designed  the  verification  symbols  to   signify authenticity and not to represent status. “Verified” shows that Instagram has done due diligence to ensure that you are who you claim to be.

If you want to know how to get your Instagram account verified, you’re reading the right article. You need to know not only how to apply for Instagram verification (which is the easy part), but also tips to help you qualify (which is the hard part).


What Does Instagram Verification Mean?


what is the blue check


Instagram verification validates your Instagram account as the genuine handle of an important celebrity, public figure, or global brand. When an account is verified on Instagram it gets a verification badge which is a blue seal with a little checkmark that comes right after your username. Instagram verifies personal and business accounts, provided they meet the requirements.

The verification badge helps people who may be searching for your account to avoid imposter accounts and easily you. Moreover, your account would appear in search results, on your profile and also in embedded posts. Verification guides people to the specific accounts of the people or brands they’re searching for.

The verification badge is also a kind of status symbol as it is available only to those Instagram regards as ‘notable.’



Who Is Eligible To Be Instagram Verified?

If it was easy to get the Instagram blue check, then it won’t be worth craving for as much as it is. It is reserved for public interest accounts. Public interest accounts can only be owned by a celebrity, public figure or a global brand. If you feel your account falls under any of these categories, you need to adhere to the platform’s Community  Guidelines  and  Terms  of  Use  to  qualify  for  the  blue  check.  The stipulated conditions for qualification are as follows:


Authenticity: You must be who you claim to be. This means as a person, a business or a brand.

Uniqueness:  One  person  can  verify  only  one  account.  The  same  applies  to businesses with the exception of language, region or theme-specific accounts. It is also important to note that Instagram does not verify general interest accounts such as meme roundups or fan accounts.

Public: An Instagram account that would be find worthy of the verification badge must exist in the public domain. It has to be  viewable to everyone. This is why private Instagram accounts don’t qualify for the blue check.

Complete: To be eligible for Instagram verification, you must have a bio, a profile photo, and at least one post. Also, there must be no “add me” links to other social media services on your bio.

Notable: This  point can’t be  overstated.  There  are  people  whose  accounts  get verified minutes after joining social media platforms because of how notable they are. While you may not be as popular as such people, you need to be remarkable. People must actively know and search for you, your brand or your business for your account to be verified. Paid and promotional content are not considered as sources to review accounts for verification.

Having  a  verified  badge  on  Facebook  doesn’t  mean  you  will  be  automatically qualify for verification on Instagram. It’s easier to become  verified on Facebook because  the  platform  verifies  small  businesses  and  organizations. Eligibility  on Instagram is more stringent.


Prove Your Authenticity

Verification proves your authenticity, but you need to also prove your authenticity before you can even become verified at all. While it is your responsibility to apply for verification and wait for Instagram to make the final call. You can do much more than wait. You can prepare to satisfy Instagram when they go searching for you through various methods. They help to make your account more credible and this can help your verification process in the long run. Here are a few ways you can prove that you’re authentic:

Link from other official sources

Instagram  suggests  linking  to  your  Instagram  account  from  some  other  official sources, such as your official website, your YouTube or Twitter account or your Facebook Page. This particularly helps if you have a verified account on one of those other channels.

Go behind the scenes with Stories

Instagram Stories empowers you to show your audience what goes on behind your brand. You get to give your followers the chance to see what happens at your company in real time. It is hard to imitate brand insight of this nature.

Get followers involved

Authenticity drives follower engagement. Encourage your customers to tag your business in their posts, showing how it is adding value to their lives in real time.


How to Apply to Get Verified on Instagram

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Fortunately, it only takes a few minutes, and three short and easy steps to apply for Instagram verification:

First step – Log in

Log into your Instagram account. Ensure it is the specific account you want to verify fi you have more than one Instagram account.


Step 2: Request verification

1.  Click the menu icon at the top right corner of your profile. 2.  Tap the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen.


setting menue


3.  Tap Account.


setting menu


4. Click Request verification.


Account Verification Request


Step 3: Confirm your identity


1. Fill in your Instagram account name and complete these fields:

Full   Name:   Your  full,   legal   name,   same   as   on   your   government-issued identification.

Known As: This may be your name or the name of your company. Choose the name that people generally know you with. For instance, if you go by a particular nickname or you’re known by your middle name, enter that information here.

Category:  You  can  select  from  fashion,  entertainment,  news/media,  sports, government/politics,  blogger/influencer,  music,  business/brand/organization,  or other. Select the option that resonates best with your Instagram account.

2.  Upload  a  copy  of  an  official  business  document  or  your  government-issued photo  ID.  As  an  individual,  you  could  use  a  valid  passport,  driver’s  license, or government-issued identity card. As a business, you could use a utility bill in your company name, a tax return, or your articles of incorporation. Ensure the name you entered above is same as the name on your document.

3. Tap Send.

After hitting the send button, Instagram will review your application for verification. Their primary objective would be to confirm your identity, authenticity, uniqueness, completeness and the notability of your account.

When Instagram is done with the review, they’ll notify you whether your request is denied or approved. But it may take a couple of days, at least, before you get a response. Instagram would never request payment for verification neither will they send an email about your verification process.


Tips To Get Blue Check On Instagram

Submit  a  request  for  Instagram  verification  is  easy  and  anyone  can  do  it.  But according to Instagram, there is no guarantee that your account will be verified simply because you asked for it. If you want to get your Instagram account verified, here are things you should stop and start doing:


Create a Great Bio and Use It Effectively

Your profile is among the first things Instagram will examine to decide whether to verify your account or not.  It is advisable to fill all the  Instagram bio fields with accurate information about yourself or your brand. Create a great description that will make the platform a great resource tool for your audience.


Avoid Linking To Other Social Channels in Your Bio

Avoid  promoting  your  other  social  accounts  in  your  Instagram  bio.  It  violates Instagram’s  guidelines for approving accounts  for  verification. Also, don’t try  to verify your Instagram account through third-party channels. Since you have direct access, do it yourself.


Be Newsworthy

If you’re newsworthy, it ups your chances of getting verified on Instagram since the network  reviews  each  verification  manually.  How  many  news  sources  have featured you or your brand? How frequently does that happen? Try sending out a press release to get your name out there before Instagram begins to search for you. You can start by reaching out to local news organization about who you are and what you do. Publish all relevant stories in a press section on your blog or website for additional visibility.


Build a Persona Outside of Instagram

It is difficult to deny  your notability if you  have an established persona outside social media. When Instagram verification team Google your name, business or brand, what would they find? Optimize your website and blogs for search result and  make  sure  your  activities  are  in  the  spotlight.  Mingle  with  other  online platforms.  Seek  for  those  that  are  respectable  in  your  niche  and  be  a  guest contributor on their site.

This is where a PR agency like Otter Public Relations come into play. We can help you make that happen.


Increase Your Follower Count

The blue check goes where the ocean of people flow. An easy test of ‘notability’ is how many people pay attention to you, so while there is no stipulated follow count to  get  verified,  your  follow  count  is  directly  indicates  your  noteworthiness. Moreover, people with large follower counts are likely to be impersonated which is one  of  the  major  needs  for  the  verification  badge.  If  your  account has  a  large following, the platform would want to protect your followers and that begins with verifying the account itself.


Post Authentic Content Regularly

It is good for you to post regularly but it is better if you post a lot of original content that people love. Content drives every social media platform and if you’re able to create content that appeals to a wide and increasing number of people, Instagram would eagerly acknowledge you with a blue check. While one post is enough to make you eligible for the verification process, such inactivity is not a plus for the platform itself.


Use Popular Hashtags to Gain Visibility

When your account has a large following, it is one of the quickest routes to become verified, but how can people follow you if they don’t even know you exist? Solve this problem by increasing your visibility. When you create great content, ensure it gets to as many people as possible by using the right hashtags. Popular hashtags give your post more visibility and more visibility adds to your notability. You can also create hashtags for your personal brand and encourage your followers to use it regularly for organic reach.


Don’t Give Up After the First Attempt

If your application for verification is denied once, it shouldn’t deter you from trying again. Take the rejection as a form of feedback and spend some time improving your  profile  (online  and  offline)  and  growing  your  audience.  Don’t  immediately reapply for verification until you have made some major improvements and further establish your authenticity on the platform. Give it a minimum of 30 days before you try again, but it’s not a factor of how long you wait, it’s about how improved you are. To get your Instagram account verified, you need to stick to a winning Instagram strategy, build a dedicated following and be patient.

Don’t Lose Your Badge Once You Get It Getting verified takes hard work. Once you get your verification badge, ensure you don’t  lose  it.  You  need  to  keep  following  the  terms  of  service  and  community guidelines. Never sell or transfer your badge. Avoid using your bio, profile picture or Instagram name to promote other services. It can cause Instagram to reverse the verification or even disable your Instagram account. Losing your verification badge puts you right back where you started and it may be even more difficult to be re-verified.

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