How to Remove Negative Articles from Google

a man is sitting toward his laptop, and thinking how to remove negative articles from google

Removal of negative articles from Google can be extremely tricky to navigate, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t other options to create a more positive online presence.

NCAA Student-Athlete Sponsorship for Coaches and Administration

a team coach with players in a ground

With the new ruling that enables NCAA athletes to commercially benefit from their name, image, and likeness and monetize their social media presence, there will be an inevitable shift in culture amongst teams. But what does shift mean for university administration and coaching staff?  Coaching and developing young adults already requires a certain degree of […]

Creating the Perfect PR for Growth Strategy

A PR design in the Formate of Green letters design

Plenty of the PR work that is done is aimed towards acquiring media coverage mostly for the sake of it, not necessarily to help achieve growth. But a different approach to PR, one that works to help startups and other business get the growth they want, is called PR for Growth. It focuses on the idea that growth can be achieved when startups or businesses are noticed by the right people.

How to Brand Yourself

How to brand yourself

 How to Brand Yourself in the Digital Age  Technology has been on the rise for a few decades now, but in recent years, it has become a crucial component in personal success. Nearly every businessperson has made the switch from physical to digital when it comes to selling personal services, and it can be overwhelming […]

3 Steps to Creating Stories That Stick

3 Steps to Creating Stories That Stick

Have you ever read pointless stories with annoying twists? It sounds engaging at first, then it goes off course about a date, then you read about a wedding to a spouse that was never mentioned, with a recall of an eureka moment in college and you’re wondering how it all fits in… There might be […]