Otter PR Joins Prestigious Two Comma Club, Presented Award at Funnel Hacking Live

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The Two Comma Club Awards are like the Oscars for entrepreneurs. They are presented only to elite performers in the business world. Qualifying requires making more than $1 million in revenue through a ClickFunnels marketing campaign. More than 100,000 businesses utilize the ClickFunnels platform, pursuing the award and the success it signifies. Less than one percent of those businesses succeed.


Otter PR is proud to announce that it is now a part of the exclusive Two Comma Club. Otter PR’s co-founders, Scott Bartnick and Dr. Jay Feldman, received the award during the Funnel Hacking Live conference in September 2022. By receiving the award, Otter PR joins a list of only 737 businesses considered Two Comma Club members.


“Winning the Two Comma Club award is one of the highlights of my life to date,” said Bartnick, who serves as CEO of Otter PR. “This has been a goal of mine since I launched my first business. Five years later, I have finally arrived. I couldn’t be happier.”



ClickFunnels is a software platform designed to empower business growth. It gives businesses online tools designed to streamline the process of building and maintaining sales funnels. It has been used successfully by more than 100,000 businesses to increase impressions, leads, and sales.  


“In the early days, we were advertising on Google, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube, but we were having a hard time converting that traffic into leads,” says Dr. Feldman, who serves as Otter PR’s CMO. “With ClickFunnels, it made it much easier to line up new leads. We increased our conversion by 30 to 40 percent pretty quickly. The ClickFunnels strategy ended up being a massive traffic and lead source for us.”


Bartnick and Dr. Feldman launched Otter PR to disrupt the public relations industry. Their ground-breaking strategy centered on a Web3-native approach to public relations. By leveraging a deep understanding of modern media practices, Otter PR is able to deliver solid results with efficiency.


“Our proprietary strategy — which we call the OTR™ Process — leverages outreach, trends, and relationships to secure media success for our clients,” Dr. Feldman explains. “We have built a PR process that relies on communication and storytelling. Our PR process is curated to ensure that our clients’ stories are seen.”



Neither Dr. Feldman nor Bartnick brought a public relations background to Otter PR. Bartnick’s engineering background led him to work in Fortune 500 companies, where he soon became dissatisfied. Launching out on his own, he began his entrepreneurial journey. Early on, he discovered Russel Brunson, the man who pioneered the theories that would eventually become ClickFunnels.


“From the very beginning, I leaned on the strategies I learned from Brunson to grow my business projects,” Bartnick explains. “What I learned from him formed the core of the strategy that has driven Otter’s amazing success.”


Dr. Feldman’s background was in medicine. After graduating from medical school, he started a digital marketing company while training as a family medicine resident. His unique backstory empowered growth in Otter PR’s early years as public relations specialists to the medical community.


The founders unique backstories led them to launch a public relations firm with a unique vision and a unique approach. Otter PR was not limited by traditional methodologies or mindsets. Rather, it brought a long-overdue fresh perspective to public relations practices.


“Otter PR did not climb from an innovative startup to a top US PR firm in less than three years by copying the played-out patterns of legacy PR firms,” explains Bartnick. “We understand that our role is not only to innovate, but to innervate — to give our clients the nerves and the confidence to embrace new media and new ideas.”


Otter PR’s success includes growing to nearly $5 million in annual revenue in less than three years. The staff that began with Bartnick and Dr. Feldman now includes more than 40 people who serve clients from all over the world operating in virtually every industry. Some of Otter PR’s top clients include multinational corporations like Alibaba and even a US Senator.


The Two Comma Club Award follows behind several other notable awards that Otter PR has received during 2022. In January, it was named the No. 1 PR Firm in the nation by Clutch. In April, it was named the Fastest-Growing PR Firm in the US by O’Dwyers. In October, it was named the Top Rated PR Firm in Florida by UpCity.


“Our mission was to build something meaningful that would grow for generations. We wanted to make an impact by helping incredible people amplify their message,” says Dr. Feldman. “Less than three years after launching, we have accomplished some amazing things. We’re thankful to ClickFunnels for helping us with the journey and acknowledging our success.”


“More than anything, I hope Otter PR’s achievements motivate other entrepreneurs to follow their dreams as well,” says Bartnick. “If you need any help getting started, reach out to Otter PR. Together, we can accomplish anything.”

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