Otter PR Acquires New $3 Million Headquarters in Downtown St. Petersburg


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Otter PR is excited to announce that, on November 15, 2022, they have closed on an office building in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, which will become the company’s new headquarters. The Florida-based PR firm, with offices in St. Petersburg and Orlando, is regularly recognized as one of the best new PR firms both in the state of Florida and nation-wide. This new office represents the company’s most significant commitment yet to its future success.


The $3 million headquarters purchased by Otter PR boasts two stories: a prime location in downtown St. Petersburg and more than 8,000 square feet of office space. This new space will give the Otter PR team ample opportunity for collaboration thanks to its larger communal space and the chance to bring more clients in for meetings — something that their previous office space didn’t have the room to allow.

Otter PR’s future of growth and expansion

The primary purpose behind this new office space for Otter PR is expansion. The team at Otter PR has already been growing significantly to keep up with the demand for new and bigger clients, and they expect to add even more talented individuals to their team. 


“We have reached a point in our business’s journey where we need a dedicated headquarters, and the St. Petersburg office will be just that,” explains Dr. Jay Feldman, co-founder and CMO of Otter PR.


Otter PR has received several awards for its rapid growth and quality service, including being ranked #1 on G2 and Clutch among public relations firms, as well as being honored as one of the top PR firms in Florida and the fastest-growing PR firm in the United States by O’Dwyer’s. However, even though the team is tremendously proud of these accomplishments, they are even more proud of the work that earned them this recognition in the first place.


Ultimately, Otter’s reviews speak for themselves. Many clients have praised the team at Otter PR for being “friendly” and “professional,” as well as for the results they can deliver. Thanks to their straightforward and transparent approach to public relations, Otter PR can provide their clients with results that have verifiable value in terms of audience reach and more.


With this tremendous growth and recognition the team has received, Otter PR has attracted high-profile clients such as Alaskan Congresswomen Mary Peltola and e-commerce giant Alibaba. 


“We have been able to attract high-profile clients thanks to our tremendous reputation,” explains Otter PR co-founder and CEO Scott Bartnick. “We’re able to retain them because they trust us and our ability to consistently deliver results and superior quality service to our clients.”

Providing superior service for clients

Indeed, both existing and new clients can expect Otter PR to continue delivering excellent service in their new offices — and perhaps even improve their services. With this expanded office space, Otter PR will be able to grow its team even further. 


“A larger team means increasing the number of clients we bring on and improving the quality and personalization of our services for existing clients,” asserts Bartnick. “Our clients have come to love the one-on-one relationships we build with them, and this new office space will let us continue to provide that on a larger scale.”


Otter PR’s co-founders remain adamant that the company’s recent growth will not stop after they expand into this new, larger office. “With this new office, we can grow our team, which allows us to take on more clients, and then we can grow our team even more,” Dr. Feldman explains. “It’s a cycle of growth that we hope will continue long into the future, and it will as long as we continue to deliver exceptional service and results to our clients.”

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Rated the #1 PR Firm in the US by Clutch and International Business Times, Otter PR adds a modern spin to traditional PR. As the only Tier-1 PR firm the guarantees coverage every month, and offers month-to-month service, it no wonder that companies like Alibaba, Boomers, and Bitcoin of America trust Otter PR.

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