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What is the purpose of a guest post press release site?

Journalists are always looking for fresh news. What does that look like? In the business world, it often looks like a company that has launched a new product, hired a new exec, established a new partnership, or reached a significant milestone, to name just a few.

If your company has done something newsworthy, the press would love to know about it. The tricky part is getting the word out. How will you let them know that your company has a story to tell? While posting it on your website or sharing it on social media is a good way to let your fans know, you probably won’t reach a lot of reporters that way.

Thankfully, there are online platforms that make it easy for you to connect with the press. They are often referred to as guest post press release sites and they provide a portal for you to get your story into the news flow.

What does a press release site do?

In general, a press release is a statement made by an organization that is designed to share some significant news with the press. They are used by organizations around the world in both the private and the public sectors. Major League Baseball issues press releases. So does Mercedes-Benz. The White House issues press releases daily.

While these and many other large companies will typically post press releases on their websites, they don’t stop there. They also post them to press release sites that are designed to distribute the release to news feeds. By doing that, the press release becomes a tool that hunts down the press, rather than being something that the press needs to hunt down.

PR.com is an example of a guest post press release site where any business can submit its press release for free. The site explains that its “industry-leading content distribution platform” reaches thousands of websites, media outlets, journalists, and influencers.

A sampling of some of the more recent press releases listed on the site includes announcements from companies about new products, reports about corporate-sponsored surveys and their findings, and alerts on upcoming events at various venues.

In general, the site lets anyone from anywhere spread the word about their latest endeavor by serving as a bridge between businesses and the press.

What is a Guest Post Press Release Site, free press release sites What is a Guest Post Press Release Site

What are the requirements for posting?

Requirements will vary based on the site, but there is one thing that you should provide regardless of which site you choose: a quality press release. Before you take the step of posting as a guest, you should make sure that you have packaged your news into a press release that will provide the press with what they need.

There have been volumes written on preparing the perfect press release. For those who might want to make a profession of it, there are courses on LinkedIn, Udemy, and Coursera, to name a few of the more popular online learning hubs. I won’t go into the art of press release writing in great detail here, but I will provide you with a couple of the basics so that you can get started.

First, you need to make sure that you give all the necessary information about your company. Remember, you are sharing this through a guest post press release site. It’s not your website, where readers will be one click away from contacting you.

If things go well, the press release you write will end up on Google News, so make sure it is very easy for the people who are reading it there to connect with you. The key is providing a phone number and email address for a person at your company who can give more information on the news you are promoting.

It would not be good for a journalist to reach out because of a press release and get connected to a receptionist who knows nothing about the story. Put a direct number to an informed person to make it super easy for the press.

Second, make sure that the news is clear and easy to grasp. The headline should proclaim who did what and why it is special. For example, “Boston-based Bakery Breaks Record for Biggest Loaf of Bread” is a headline that makes it clear what the press release is about. “Local Bakery Enters the Record Books” is not as clear. “Local Business Has Big News To Share” does nothing to make a reporter care.

Beyond the headline, there are some conventions that press releases typically include, such as a subheadline, lead paragraph, quote, and “boilerplate,” which describes what your company does. If you would like more details on how to write a press release, you can find them in this blog on How To Write a Press Release.

Bonus Tip: In general, your goal when writing a press release is to make the news relatable and relevant to a broad audience. Doing that will increase your chances of attracting a reporter’s attention.

However, if you really want to put your brand in a position to get picked up and promoted in the media, make sure to position your story as a win for the industry, the community, or the world; not just your business.

If your brand doesn’t have an exciting story that people would want to read about, maybe you should rethink what you are doing. Many of today’s consumers are looking for businesses that are putting purpose over profits. That doesn’t mean that you need to be a non-profit, but at least you can support one or two.

I clicked on one of the 27 guest post press release sites listed below and only had to scan six press releases before I came across one promoting a company’s commitment to sustainability. Adjusting your corporate mission so that it is making a difference in the world could breathe new life into your company. If nothing else, it will make for a great press release.

When should you post to a guest post press release site?

If you are thinking that the best time to post to a guest post press release site is when you have news to share, you are right. But that doesn’t mean that is the only time to post. Once you get your feet wet with press releases, you can start to leverage them to get your company in the news at a variety of times.

For example, Father’s Day is a time when news sites are overflowing with articles on “The Best Gifts for Dads this Father’s Day.” Does your company have some products that would make great Father’s Day gifts? If so, put out a press release on them. They don’t have to be new to be news.

Paying attention to breaking news also can empower you to take advantage of the opportunities offered by guest post-press release sites.

For example, when the economy is down, most people are looking for ways to save money. How does your business help people save money? Prepare a press release on that, connecting it to the financial struggles that people are experiencing, and post it to a press release site.

Where do I find guest post press release sites?

Getting access to a guest post press release site is the easy part. There are many of them. The list below provides the top 27. Which one is best? That depends a lot on your company.

Unless you are Tesla, Apple, or Starbucks, you are probably not making the kind of news that will appear in top-tier publications. Rather, you will most likely be connecting with smaller outlets that focus on regions, industries, or lifestyles.

Some of the guest post press release sites serve a general audience, but some are niche, focusing specifically on certain industries. Your success will depend in part on finding the site where your best audience hangs out.

I recommend you start with a few, post a few press releases, and see how it goes. If you are delivering a good press release and you are not getting any calls, move on to another one.

If you submit a bunch of press releases to a variety of sites and have no luck, you may want to enlist the services of a PR firm. Preparing press releases is an art that they have mastered. In addition, they have connections with long lists of journalists and are often able to get press releases directly to them.

27 top sites (in no particular order)

Newswire Today – The free version is available only to charitable organizations.

IssueWire – This is a PR agency that provides a free service for press releases with very limited options.

Online PR News – You will need to set up a free account to use this site. Once you do, you have a user interface where you can save draft releases and access free templates. Your posts are left up for 90 days.

PR Log – This site requires you to establish a free account and provides free distribution of your press releases to search engines. It has a unique feature of creating “Newsrooms” for your company that include all of your press releases and can be searched by journalists.

PR – This site allows you to select free or paid distribution for each press release you post, giving you the opportunity to enhance your chance of connecting if you feel you have something especially newsworthy to share.

PR Free – This site’s free service is very basic, but it does provide distribution to search engines.

PR Inside – This site is no frills and includes a lot of international news.

1888 Press Release – This site allows you to attach files, logos, and images to press releases, as well as display your company website within the release.

Market Press Release – Using this site for free limits you to one press release per day. It provides a breakdown of press releases by an industry that makes it easier for journalists to find what they are looking for.

OpenPR – This site limits free press releases to one every 30 days.

PR9 – This is another no-frills site that provides a range of categories but does not allow for much formatting in the releases.

Pressbox – This London-based site makes it super easy to submit a press release and also provides press release writing advice.

BizEurope – Press releases submitted here are fed to the company’s various business sites.

UK PR Wire – This site is only free for charities and releases related to corporate social responsibility updates.

NPR – You can submit press releases to National Public Radio through its Contact Us form.

BusinessWire – You must apply and be accepted as a member to gain access to this service, but it is worth pursuing.

TMCNet – A simple form allows you to submit press releases to this page and request a notification when it is published.

PR Sync – This site requires that you create a free account before submitting press releases.

Free PR Now – Every press release posted to this site appears on the home page, where it also posts a count of the number of views the release receives.

ClickPress – Very similar to the UK PR Wire site, where charity and corporate social responsibility releases are free.

Free Press Release Center – Yet another no-frills site, however, this one gives you the option to upgrade to a pro account for $2.99 and have your press releases features on its page.

Press Release Post – Press releases posted for free here can take up to three days to appear.

Press Release 101 – This is very similar to the Press Release Post site, with the same timeline for publication of free press releases.

Nanotech Now – If your business focuses on nanotechnology, this is the site for you.

Thomas – You can post press releases about engineering and data analysis on this site for free.

Web Know How – Press releases welcome here that share news about web hosting, website promotion, and domain name registration.

ENews Wire – A UK-based news site that provides a very user-friendly form for free press release submissions.

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