10 Best PR Tools and How to Use Them – With Examples

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Tools extend your natural abilities. They focus your energy. They allow you to go faster and farther. They multiply your efforts. If your goal is to work smarter, instead of harder, you need tools. If you want to excel, you need the best tools. Every industry has its tool and the world of public relations […]

Ultimate Guide to Public Relations – PR Tactics & Examples [2022]


You have a great product. You have built a great brand around it. You have a great team. But your business is not flourishing. You are spending what you should be spending on marketing, but your competition is winning. You need something new to give you an edge. You need to increase brand awareness. You […]

How To Write a Pitch That Will Make Editors Respond [With Examples]

How to write a pitch

How To Write a Pitch   Be Relevant To Readers: Pitch Examples Let’s imagine again that you make life preservers. You have a story about a new life preserver made especially for children that you want people to hear. How do you pitch it in a way that will make an outlet that doesn’t cover […]

Where to Submit a Press Release [27 Free Sites Included]

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Something huge just happened at your company. Maybe the funding that you have been waiting for finally came through. Or maybe you made an amazing new hire. Whatever it is, if it something that is going to impress your customers (as well as those who have yet to become your customers), you need to let […]

27 Free Guest Post Press Release Sites

guest post press release site

Journalists are always looking for fresh news. What does that look like? In the business world, it often looks like a company that has launched a new.

How To Conduct A Communications Audit

communication audit

Audits are a powerful tool for boosting business effectiveness. Often, they are used to assess operational efficiencies, financial risks, or regulatory compliance. While all audits are beneficial, none is more impactful than a communications audit. Business communication is critical for attracting attention, engaging customers, and converting leads into sales. It is what allows a business […]

How To Use Blockchain To Positively Impact Your Brand or Product

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Today, blockchain is widely considered to be the future of technology, making it a tool that more businesses will integrate and utilize in the coming years. Despite its potential, it languished for nearly 20 years without a practical application. Then, in 2009, Bitcoin appeared and blockchain was reborn. Today blockchain is widely considered to be […]