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Project Overview 

Nika Kabiri, JD, Ph.D., is a best-selling author and decision coach who came to Otter PR to brand herself as a decision coach and thought leader. She is a decision science expert who helps people get real, move forward, and minimize regret. She has spent over 20 years studying how people make decisions in various contexts and teaches decision science at the University of Washington. She is also the founder and owner of Kabiri Consulting and Your Next Decision, where she uses decision science principles to help her clients make the right choices.

The Problem 

Dr. Kabiri has consulted for clients across the globe, including household brand names such as Google to Amazon, but she still struggled with establishing herself as a decision coach. This, she told us, was her ultimate goal with her business and educational work in academia.

When Dr. Kabiri first approached Otter PR, she mentioned having some previous experience regarding media coverage, but expressed a want to utilize PR to help reshape her brand. Her goal was to become a household name as a decision coach who can help clients navigate through life with a detailed understanding of decision science, and help educate them on how a deeper understanding of the subject can enhance their quality of life through effective decision-making. It was this understanding, she said, which transpires from one’s professional life and works to help elevate their personal one.

The Strategy 

Our team began formulating a comprehensive media strategy that would help Dr. Kabiri best achieve her PR goals. We initially began by reaching out to journalists and reporters in our media network to help establish her as a thought leader and subject matter expert in her field, along with a deeper explanation of what decision science is, its principles, and how this can positively impact the lives of professionals the world over.

The response we received was nothing short of astounding. Within weeks, our strategy had not only worked — it exceeded both our expectations as well as Dr. Kabiri’s.

Business Impact (results) 

Dr. Kabiri has had immense success at Otter PR; so much so, in fact, that she expressed her plans to continue working with us indefinitely. Her knowledge and expertise made her an exciting client to pitch by connecting her expertise in decision science to current global events and topics related to decision science.

From romance and relationship advice to informative guides that have been published by Dr. Kabiri and pitched to the media, she has secured 15 pieces of coverage thus far, varying across feature articles, guest pieces, podcast appearences, and interviews on television and radio. 

Each piece of coverage has brought Dr. Kabiri the results she desired, and then some. Her total readership audience is now estimated to be at over 1 billion, which includes the growth seen in her social media following and engagement rates (along with higher engagement rates on her website), and a larger list of followers, clients, and potential customers for her newsletters. 

Overall, the impact of our strategy and work has helped elevate her decision coaching business and solidify her as a leading expert on decision science.

Picture of Brittany Bearden

Brittany Bearden

Brittany has been a publicist for more than 10 years and has written over 2000 press releases.


Picture of Brittany Bearden

Brittany Bearden

Brittany has been a publicist for more than 10 years and has written over 2000 press releases.

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