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Project Overview

Professor Steve Wiideman and his team at Wiideman Consulting Group have been providing expert Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services to businesses since 1998. Known as “The Agency’s SEO Expert,” Wiideman Consulting specializes in empowering agencies to better serve their clients by providing end-to-end SEO training on concepts, strategies, and effective execution.

Steve, who serves as an adjunct professor at University of California San Diego and California State University-Fullerton, has a reputation for being a “scientist” in the world of SEO. He brings insightful innovation and intuitive problem-solving skills to clients looking to build or improve their inbound marketing services. As his clients can attest, his approach to consulting is customized and comprehensive, fully assessing circumstances before crafting an expert solution. 

The standard process at Wiideman begins with creating a strategy that “will eat your competitor’s for breakfast” and includes a 100 percent, no-questions-asked refund when the strategy does not result in organic traffic improvements. Wiideman Consulting’s proven track record of helping business hit the top ranks and results on Google’s search engine has opened doors for them to work with brands that include Applebee’s, Public Storage, IHOP, Skechers, Blake Pizza, Technicolor, Bosley, Belkin, Linksys, Homes.com, FIDM, Essentia Health, and Grand Seiko.

The Problem

Steve came to Otter PR with the goal of establishing Wiideman Consulting as “The Multi-Location SEO Experts.” The Wiideman Group had already helped their restaurant chain clients to grow their online ordering by millions of dollars through optimizing their connection to customers via maps and other online organic searches. However, they needed to spread the word about what they could do and how it could help even more brands and businesses.

They also were ready to shift from focusing on consulting to providing innovative solutions for managing digital marketing. They had a host of new initiatives that they were planning to launch in the coming year, including a website that would provide training based on the content from Steve’s university-level courses.

Overall, Wiideman needed Otter PR to amplify their voice. As Steve confessed, he is the “soft-spoken SEO guy.” He needed an experienced advocate who could capture his story and get it in front of the right audiences.

The Strategy

Leveraging Steve’s experience with public speaking and expert consulting, Otter PR spread the word that he was available to give interviews or provide guest pieces for publication on SEO strategies and insights. Otter PR took advantage of Steve’s ability to provide customized strategies and innovative SEO approaches in developing pitches that presented him as a subject matter expert who could explain how companies could tweak their SEO efforts in response to the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic brought to the business world. His most successful pitch angle was how to build an SEO strategy for 2021.

Business Impact (results)

As a result of our comprehensive media coverage and PR strategy, Steve was able to rapidly secure numerous guest articles, interviews, and speaking engagements to talk as an expert in the field of SEO and SEM. Within three months, Steve was interviewed for and/or published in many top-tier outlets including Yahoo! Finance, International Business Times, Market Watch, Search Engine Journal, and Entrepreneur. 

Furthermore, Steve’s online readership reached an audience totaling over 300 million people globally. Over the next several months with Otter PR, this readership grew to an astounding 630 million global readers. From these successes, Steve continues to be selected for guest publications, expert quotes, and interviewed for television, radio, and podcast audiences to provide his expertise and insight on all matters regarding SEO and SEM strategies for businesses of all sizes, regardless of their market, industry, or location.


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Brittany Bearden

Brittany Bearden

Brittany has been a publicist for more than 10 years and has written over 2000 press releases.


Brittany Bearden

Brittany Bearden

Brittany has been a publicist for more than 10 years and has written over 2000 press releases.

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