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Robert Scott

Project Overview

Monjur is a SaaS-enabled legal solution that provides Contract-as-a-Service (CaaS) services designed specifically for IT teams and service providers. With a vision to transform the IT industry and revolutionize the legal services landscape, Monjur redefines traditional practices by adopting progressive solutions customized to meet clients changing needs with customized strategies and state-of-the-art technology.

At the heart of Monjur’s mission lies a dedication to pushing boundaries in service provision and embracing advancements to enhance client engagements. Through utilizing managed services and cloud-based legal solutions, Monjur streamlines IT operations to boost efficiency and elevate overall client satisfaction.

With an emphasis on staying abreast of industry developments and fostering partnerships within various tech sectors, Monjur actively participates in key IT industry events by sharing knowledge and engaging in discussions to not only drive change but also shape the future of the legal field. Monjur signifies a shift toward transforming services for the modern age with strategies, insights, and an unwavering commitment to redefining how legal services are delivered and perceived.

The Problem

Monjur is spearheaded by Robert Scott, the company’s Co-founder and Chief Innovator, who recognized a critical need to strategically position the company within the IT and AI legal landscape. Monjur exclusively caters to clients facing legal challenges relating to IT and AI, reflecting Scott’s commitment to embracing technological advancements and addressing the evolving needs of clients in this niche domain.

With a deliberate focus on distancing himself from his former legal practice, Scott & Scott, while promoting Monjur’s specialized expertise as his latest venture, Scott knew that enlisting a PR firm was imperative. This decision underscored Monjur’s dedication to shaping its public image and effectively communicating its value proposition to key stakeholders. 

Monjur sought to craft a compelling narrative that highlighted its innovative approach, strategic insights, and unwavering commitment to excellence in the IT and AI legal sphere by leveraging Otter PR’s niche expertise in these fields. Moreover, our team recognized a capacity to help amplify Monjur’s visibility within the legal and technology sectors by positioning Scott as a leading authority in these industries.

Otter PR knew we could facilitate Monjur’s goal of establishing itself as a trusted partner for companies navigating the complex and ever-changing legalese of IT and AI landscapes through targeted media outreach, thought leadership campaigns, and strategic communications efforts. To effectively communicate Monjur’s unique value proposition and positioning within the market, our team began crafting a media outreach strategy to help drive awareness, foster credibility, and fuel Monjur’s growth trajectory to meet Scott’s goals and vision for his new venture. 

The Strategy

To support Scott’s transition from his prior firm into his newest venture with Monjur, our team generated a targeted PR plan tailored to capitalize on Scott’s established reputation as an expert specializing in IT/AI matters by highlighting his expertise in these evolving industries. Our strategy began by producing written content under Monjur’s brand that highlighted Scott’s knowledge of IT/AI-related issues to position him as an authority in the field and establish Monjur as a trusted source for both its CaaS offerings as well as valuable insights into the legal aspect of these sectors.

Connecting with media outlets and journalists covering IT/AI topics allowed Otter PR to secure several critical interview opportunities for Scott to discuss emerging trends, regulatory shifts, and Monjur’s unique approach to serving its clients. This portion of our strategy played a role in highlighting Scott’s expertise and promoting Monjur’s legal services.

Next, Otter PR created content to address emerging legal concerns regarding AI in the IT industry and broader tech field to strengthen Monjur’s brand image as a trailblazer in these areas. Our team then strategically shared this content across various media channels and social media platforms to boost Monjur’s visibility and online engagement.

Additionally, we generated several press releases to introduce Scott’s rebranding and highlight his new role as Monjur’s Chief Innovator. We also emphasized Monjur’s specializations in IT/AI law by underlining Scott’s dedication to offering top-notch CaaS and other legal services.

Employing this strategy allowed Scott to effectively distance himself from his previous endeavors and establish Monjur as a prominent authority on any and all IT/AI matters. This customized approach has not only boosted Monjur’s brand visibility but also solidified Scott’s standing as a reliable legal advisor in the technology industry.

Business Impact (results)

As a result of our comprehensive media strategy, Scott has been quoted, featured, and interviewed in numerous publications catering to audiences in the IT and AI space, including Tech Target, Mission Critical, State Broadcast News, and more. His key expertise and insight have also garnered him similar features, mentions, and guest spots in top-tier publications such as Spiceworks and USA Today.

Since partnering with Otter PR, Scott has continuously expressed the value our team’s work has provided for both his shift away from his previous law firm and his latest venture with Monjur, having reached an online audience of over 150 million with nearly 300,000 unique readers. Following approximately six months of utilizing our PR services, Scott has expressed interest in implementing our lead generation service for his account to further bolster Monjur’s branding and online presence.

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Picture of Thomas Mustac

Thomas Mustac

Thomas holds a Masters's Degree in Communication with an Advanced Certification in Nonprofit organizations. His diverse background spans the healthcare, sports and interior design industries. His interests include travel, sports and personal fitness.


Picture of Thomas Mustac

Thomas Mustac

Thomas holds a Masters's Degree in Communication with an Advanced Certification in Nonprofit organizations. His diverse background spans the healthcare, sports and interior design industries. His interests include travel, sports and personal fitness.

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