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If you want to get great media coverage, the first step is developing a great media kit. It does not matter what business you are in, how long you have been in business, or whether you are a company or individual, a great media kit opens the door to better media opportunities. 

When done right, media kits empower media outlets to get your story right.

To help you to develop a great media kit, we have looked at the best media kit examples for 2022, distilled them, and mapped out a template for what a great kit should contain.

The best media kit examples clearly define your business

If you are a bakery or a book publisher or a boat architect, it is easy for the media to grasp what you do. If your business is a little nichey or highly technical or truly cutting edge, it might not be obvious to the uninitiated what you are all about. Make sure your media kit clearly defines your product, service, or area of influence.

A great definition of what you do can probably be found in your elevator pitch. If you can get it down to one sentence, you have got what you need for your media kit. Do not make the media outlet search for details on what you do. And do not make them guess.

Even if your business is something easy to grasp, let your media kit differentiate you from other businesses in your field. “Software developer” is a great description, but marketing platform software developer is better. If you really want to empower a reporter, do not just say what you do and for whom, but why you do it better than anyone else.

The Best Media Kit Examples Have Clear Contact Information

Great media kits get media outlets excited about you or your product. The next step will be a phone call, text, or email to find out more. Make sure it is very clear how to make that connection. 

The appropriate contact will vary based on the size of your organization. Regardless of whether it is you or an assistant or a public relations team, make sure the contact info in the media kit is up-to-date and the listed contact is equipped and empowered to take incoming press inquiries.

While social accounts are a great thing to include in a press kit, especially if they are active and well-followed, be aware that a media source might choose to reach out to you via direct message through your social account. Whoever manages those accounts should be on the lookout for messages and prepared to respond quickly.

The best media kit examples show what you have accomplished.

The media wants to write about companies that are accomplishing newsworthy things. Make sure your media kit highlights what you are doing and why it is significant. 

This can include products you have pioneered, partnerships you have established, awards that you have won, or milestones you have passed. If your accomplishments can be quantified, include numbers. Media outlets love numbers.

To make sure that your accomplishments attract the right kind of attention, keep them up-to-date. While your media kit should show your journey, it should not simply focus on old news. Media outlets do not get excited about old news.

The best media kit examples celebrate previous media wins.

If you have already been featured in the media, make sure your media kit shows it. Sometimes this is identified as the “As Seen In” section of a media kit. Whether it is digital, print, or video, include a screenshot or photo of the stories, the logos of the outlets, and links to where the stories can be found.

If you are still waiting to achieve your first media coverage, the Otter PR Blog has tips on how to accelerate that process.

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The best media kit examples introduce your team.

For influencers or companies that offer a service like consulting, people will be the focus of your media kit. If your business is product-centered, it still helps to put a face on your company by including photos and bios for a few of your principals in your media kit.

Providing a few lines on a CEO’s experience or the motivation behind the founder’s launch can increase interest in the company and make it even more newsworthy. Adding links to your executives’ Twitter or Instagram feeds can also help the media get a feel for who you are and what you are about.

The best media kit examples include great pictures.

Every company has a product. If your business provides a service, then your team is your product. A media kit should do more than tell about the product; it should show it. Include pictures as well as links to where a digital version of the pictures can be found.

If you do not have quality pictures of your product, now is the time to get them.

While you may have someone in the office who is handy with a camera, seriously consider hiring a professional photographer to make sure that your pictures are the highest quality. Media outlets love to use pictures that make them look like they have great photographers on their staff.

If you are an influencer putting together an influencer media kit, you are the product. Make sure it includes pictures of you that capture your personality, your passion, and your particular expertise.

The best media kit examples communicate culture.

As explained above, a complete media kit template should provide for:

  • A clear definition of your business,
  • Clear contact information,
  • Examples of what you have accomplished,
  • Previous media wins,
  • Introductions to your team, and
  • Great pictures.

While it is fine to check out what your competitors are doing with their media kits and get inspired, make sure that you spend some time making your kit your own. The best media kit examples will hint at a company’s heartbeat as well as providing a media snapshot.

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