Hi, I'm Shannen Connor

Shannen is a UCF graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. She loves to venture to new places with the love of her life, and spending time with her friends and family.

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A Little About Myself

Before joining the “Otter Raft”, Shannen was shaping young minds as a middle and high school English teacher. The experience of being “out front” and making a strong impression on future generations greatly prepared her to take on her Account Executive role with aplomb. Her professional background is what has shaped Shannen’s ability to make clients feel heard, and it is responsible for her mastery of tackling multiple projects simultaneously.

An English Literature major at UCF, where she reveled in dystopian fiction a la 1984, Shannen has brought a love of words and communication to the public relations world. 

Favorite Client:
Shannen is drawn to crypto and tech clients as an Otter Account Executive. Her favorite clients so far have been Craig Goodliffe from Cyberbacker and Sheila Agnew from Mission to Mobilization.

Otter thinks to know:
When Shannen isn’t doing-what-she-does-best at Otter, you can find her fishing, bingeing all-the-things on Netflix, and hanging out with the love of her life, family, and friends. 


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The amount of publicity they have generated for has been nothing short of impressive. It has dramatically increased new clients by 30% and I have seen my platforms grow 2-fold

Mike Mandell


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