Public Relations and Communications

Advantages of Public Relations And Communications For Startup Businesses

Public Relations and Communications are very important parts of a startup business but many people overlook their importance. It is true that they are helpful.

Advantages of Public Relations and Communications

1. Increased Awareness of the Brand:

One of the main advantages of Public Relations and Communications is that it really raises the profile of your organization far more effectively than advertising would. Advertising does indeed reach a lot of people (at a very great cost, I should add), but people are aware that it has been paid for.

However, with PR, it comes across as a lot more natural because the audience is interested in learning about your institution's research or expert viewpoint. You have the halo effect if it is coordinated with other great universities across the world, like Harvard or Oxford, elevating your brand's reputation to rival that of such institutions.

2. Public Relations and Communications - Reputability:

Your brand will develop a good image if your PR effort is effective, which will raise public perceptions of your credibility. By showcasing your efforts, success stories, students, and even alumni, you can show the public what you offer to society and how a potential student would benefit from attending your institution.

3. Developing Leads:

In continuation with what I mentioned before, increasing the legitimacy and recognition of your brand will probably lead to an increase in hiring, or at the very least increase the number of inquiries about the programs you provide, etc.

95% of consumers claimed that seeing a university mentioned in a news piece increased their opinion of the institution, particularly if it offers a top-notch educational experience, according to a GMAC study.

4. Being Economical:

PR may be a cost-effective technique to reach a big audience when compared to other methods, such as advertising. It can reach the same number of people for a far lower cost than advertising and in a much more reliable manner.

5. Usefulness in Education:

The ability to educate the general audience is a fantastic (and crucial) advantage of PR. It is a great approach to spreading knowledge that the general people may use in their daily lives.

One strategy used by Otter PR, for instance, is thought leadership, which educates the public on a range of subjects. People can make better judgments when they have access to this kind of information.


In the end, Public Relations and Communications have their advantages too, and while we say that it really is worthwhile and worth taking the risk, the choice still lies upon you.

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