A Good PR Strategy for your eCommerce

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When starting your eCommerce, you need to keep in mind how important it is to have a PR strategy. Whether you decide to work with an agency or do it on your own, there are key elements you need to have in order to succeed. Here is a list of the most relevant components of a good PR strategy: 

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How to Brand Yourself

  1. Knowing your Brand: to know and understand your brand there are a few questions you need to be able to answer without hesitation: who you are, who your audience is, what you do, where you came from, where you are going, why it matters, and what makes you different. These answers will help you and your customers know where to put you in the industry, and where to situate you in comparison to your competitors.
  2. Knowing your Angle: just like many others, you will want to reach out to journalists to cover your product. What you need is to know how your eCommerce should be pitched, what angle you will give it. Are you innovative? Do you stand by certain values? What makes you stand out?
  3. Knowing the Media: one of the most important points in your PR strategy is to know who to contact, who to establish a media relationship with. Do your research and find the appropriate media outlets for your product; those journalists who have already talked about something similar. You can contact traditional reporters, industry bloggers, social media influencers, and other like-minded entrepreneurs. Anyone who you think will help build your brand image with credible and positive publicity.
  4. Knowing the Ways in Which you can Reach you Audience: PR will offer you many ways in which you can expand and increase your exposure. What matters is that you find those that relate to your brand, your vision, and your target audience. There are guest posts, feature articles, podcast appearances, TV appearances, speaking engagements, and social media posts that you can do to gain that visibility.
  5. Knowing How to Share your Story: select the best ways for your product to be seen in a positive light. Share your story on your website or social media through videos and posts. Create content that will help you be recognized as an informed and expert leader in your industry. And make sure you celebrate every milestone with the media and your customers.

Why Hiring A Publicist Is Vital

These are key elements that will help you create a good PR strategy. This way, your eCommerce will grow, your products will sell, you will meet your financial and media goals, and your customers will become loyal shoppers. To build your brand, it is important to build a positive media presence. If you do this, you can guarantee your business’s success.

How to write a PR plan explained in seven steps--plus free template

So, make sure your business plan includes a PR plan that thinks about your goals, your target audience, and the ways in which you want your product to be perceived. The appropriate PR strategy will understand these points and work towards satisfying all your needs as an established eCommerce business.



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