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Companies working with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) can claim to be on the cutting edge of modern technology. The tech behind NFTs is promising to bring ground-breaking innovations across a wide range of industries, from art to marketing to gaming and beyond.

As with any cutting edge technology, success involves not just developing products and services, but helping potential clients and customers to understand how they can benefit from engaging with those products and services. For those working in the NFT space, the services provided by public relations companies are an invaluable tool for connecting with new markets, building demand, and promoting your brand.

PR for NFT Companies Assists with Educating Consumers

When pitching our NFT clients to media outlets, it is not uncommon for us to get a response from a reporter or editor confessing “I don’t know much about NFTs” and “I would love to have someone help me and our readers to better understand why they are important.” Situations like that provide a fantastic opportunity for NFT companies to step in and serve as a content expert, promoting not just their brand but also their expertise. In some cases, we have had media outlets designate clients as their go-to source for information on NFTs, resulting in a steady stream of media exposure.

Being seen as a thought leader in the field can give those in the NFT space a considerable competitive edge. PR companies can assist those in the NFT space with developing a strategy that leads to increased notoriety. PR companies also maintain relationships with reporters and editors working with a wide range of publications and media outlets. For businesses looking to move beyond the obvious customers and reach new markets, PR companies can provide essential resources.

PR for NFT Companies Assists with Establishing Credibility

Search on a freelance site like Upwork, Fiverr, or, and you will find countless freelancers who are willing to create NFTs. While you may know why your company is a much better choice for creating and developing NFTs, the person looking for that service does not. What they see is someone who is willing and able to provide them with an NFT at cheaper price with a quick turnaround time.

PR companies can help brands to differentiate themselves by establishing credibility. By getting your brand featured in news sources and other publications, you have something to share that can show potential clients that you are credible and reliable. In addition, you are building a portfolio of online sources that increase your rank in search engines. The press coverage that PR companies coordinate for companies boosts their SEO potential considerably.

PR for NFT Companies Assists with Building Community

Whether you are an artist launching your own NFT brand, a creative designing NFTs for others, or a company establishing a platform to create or promote NFTs, your success will depend on connecting with a community and acquiring a following.

PR companies provide the type of media exposure that is essential for developing a steadily growing number of followers or users. For artists and creatives, media coverage allows potential clients to see your work, hear your passion, and connect. For platform developers, media coverage allows potential users to understand your mission and the type of community that you are serving.

Regardless of what role you are looking to play in the NFT space, sharing your story in a wide range of media outlets will help you to build the community that is necessary for long-term success.

PR for NFT Companies Assists with Promoting Drops

For NFT artists, creators, or companies using NFTs to promote their brands, success depends on orchestrating an NFT drop that draws collectors and inspires sales. Visit the NFT Calendar and you will find an overwhelming number of drops scheduled, many of them featuring the work of artists who already have media exposure. Standing out requires creating a buzz in the media.

As you prepare for your next drop, PR companies can help you to build media momentum that will draw attention and build up interest in your project. NFT collectors respond to more than just the artistic work captured by the NFT; they are interested in the artist, the vision, and the purpose behind the project. A solid PR strategy for a drop will make sure that collectors are excited about your project and present when the drop takes place.

PR for NFT Companies Requires Experience

If you are considering hiring a PR company to assist you in promoting your NFT brand or company, make sure that you choose one with experience in the NFT space. A good step to take before hiring a company is asking to see case studies of work that have been done for companies that are doing the same type of work in the NFT space. Reviewing case studies will not only show you the strategies that have been used with other NFT companies, but also allow you to see the success that the company has had with getting media placement for NFT clients.

Also, a PR company that has at least a working knowledge of the NFT space will be more effective at pitching an NFT company to industry sources. Being featured in media sources that serve the tech community is a great way to gain influence and credibility. Pitches that rely on buzzwords instead of in-depth knowledge will not attract the interest of reporters or editors who know NFTs and will make it more difficult to get coverage in the future.

While the popularity of NFTs grows daily, the market for NFTs and for the platforms that support them is still limited. The services offered by PR companies allow NFT companies to attract an audience, spark interest in their products and services, and establish themselves as a leading provider.

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