Otter Public Relations Named Company of the Year by 2022 BIG Awards for Business

company of the year, 2022 BIG Awards for business

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Otter Public Relations is honored to have been named Company of the Year by the 2022 Business Intelligence Group Awards for Business. Otter PR was chosen for the award from among a host of nominees by a panel of judges that included industry leaders from around the globe. The judges found Otter PR to be a global leader in vision, creativity, and persistence.


“This year’s nominees have shown that resilience and determination are needed in today’s economy,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Nominations Officer for Business Intelligence Group. “We are so proud to reward each of our winners for setting such an inspirational example for the global business community.”


The Business Intelligence Group was founded with the mission of recognizing companies that exhibit true talent and superior performance. The organization’s proprietary and unique scoring system selectively measures performance across multiple business domains, identifying and rewarding companies whose achievements stand above those of their peers.

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Award-winning vision in the PR field

Otter PR was founded in 2020 with a vision for disrupting the field of public relations. Its founders, Dr. Jay Feldman and Scott Bartnick, brought to the company an intimate knowledge of how modern media works. Their focus was on launching a Web3-native agency that would innervate in the PR space, giving its clients the confidence to leverage new media and new ideas to build their public reputation.


“We drew upon our expertise in business, marketing, and e-commerce when we were building Otter PR. That gave us an outside perspective, allowing us to change the space, be more effective, and help more people,” explains Bartnick. “We have found that our innovative approach to PR consistently delivers enormous results that propel our clients to new heights.”


In two short years, this revolutionary vision and approach has led to countless successes for Otter PR and its clients, including Alaskan congresswoman Mary Peltola and global e-commerce giant Alibaba. Otter PR’s tremendous success in the PR field has been acknowledged by a number of awards, including ClickFunnel’s prestigious Two Comma Club Award, the 2022 Manifest Global Award for public relations, and the UpCity 2022 Best of Florida Award.


Award-winning creativity in the PR field

Otter PR has captured its creative approach to PR in a proprietary strategy known as OTR™: Outreach, Trends, and Relationships. Rather than relying on the impersonal pitching practices that mark traditional PR firms, Otter PR created a fail-proof pitching system that leverages established and reliable press contacts. This precision approach results in impressive media coverage for Otter PR’s clients.


By focusing on media trends to guide their pitching, Otter PR provides a fluid and agile approach to PR work that consistently positions their clients as the most relevant sources for media comments and expert opinions.


“Every day, we have our media experts observing trending news and reporting the most crucial topics to our team, so at the start of the day, we know exactly what to pitch for our clients,” explains Dr. Feldman. “As a result, we can consistently land organic successes for our clients in top mainstream media outlets. We know that strategic plans are subject to change based on the media landscape and we welcome those changes. We are always ready to seize opportunities that boost our clients’ credibility and reputation.” 


Award-winning persistence in the PR field

Organizations and thought leaders who work with Otter PR for their media coverage needs find a persistent partner committed to their success. Armed with an unflagging belief in its strategy and the team that activates it, Otter PR works tirelessly and confidently to see its clients’ stories shared in exactly the right outlets at exactly the right time.


“The Otter PR team is made up of fantastic and talented publicists, writers, and marketers who give 110 percent for our clients,” adds Dr. Feldman. “Our persistence has brought us a long way from the apartment where Scott and I birthed the idea for a new kind of PR firm in the midst of global pandemic. I’m so proud of how far we’ve come and so thankful for the awards that we have achieved to acknowledge our success.”

Nik Korba

Nik Korba

Nik has been a screenwriter, ghostwriter, novel writer, song writer, and blog writer with a degree from the University of Miami. He has prepared communications for thousands online and on social platforms, as well as being involved in the production of more than 1,000 videos.
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About Otter PR

Rated the #1 PR Firm in the US by Clutch and International Business Times, Otter PR adds a modern spin to traditional PR. As the only Tier-1 PR firm the guarantees coverage every month, and offers month-to-month service, it no wonder that companies like Alibaba, Boomers, and Bitcoin of America trust Otter PR.

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