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In less than three years, the team at Otter PR has grown from a fully owner-operated start-up to one of the top PR firms in the US. Recent polls and leader-boards provided by, a highly respected data-driven platform based on client reviews and vetted by market leaders, list Otter PR as the #1 PR firm in Florida and a top PR firm in the United States overall.

The secret sauce to this success and rapid growth could be attributed to a multitude of different factors, but the truth is, this type of growth only happens when all the moving pieces of a successful firm come together almost simultaneously. Employees, leadership, clients, outlets, services, and offerings must all align to make this reality possible.


Top Public Relations Firms Provide More to Clients

For Otter PR the difference can be found in our methodology and narrowed focus on the digital space. This has allowed us to provide guaranteed coverage in top media outlets around the globe that cater to almost any personal brand, business, or industry. Building and maintaining incredible media connections is one thing but continuing to add services that directly affect public perception of a brand and work in tandem with your main service offering is a whole other ball game.


A Keen Focus On Media Relations

The base of our service offer is deeply rooted in media relations and utilizing our connections to various media outlets to provide coverage in the best publications and platforms. Additionally, our publicists are trained in-house to narrow the communications gap by focusing on industry or niche-specific placements that are sure to provide guaranteed results for clients. Plain and simple, we spend less time blanketing your story to the media and more time placing it where it will get traction with your exact target audience.

On top of this, we have developed a heavy digital relationship with our clients following an easy-to-use onboarding process that provides our team with everything we need to push your story. Properly outlined expectations, continued virtual meetings, and a 30-60-90 day execution plan allow our clients to focus more on what matters for their business while we navigate the world media relations on their behalf.  

Our unique approach to PR is what set the stage for our ranking as one of the top PR firms in the US and has established the groundwork for our ancillary services to follow.


The Best Online Reputation Management Practices

Online Reputation Management is a massive part of promoting and protecting the public perception of any brand, which makes it a perfect fit for Otter PR’s gamut of service offerings.

We think of your search results as if they are your brand’s public record. Negative search results could stop you from closing sales, creating new opportunities, or landing that dream job. By adding ORM to our arsenal of services we combine the power of press coverage with our proprietary method for reputation management that allows you to double down on building your brand!


Integrated Crisis Management and Planning

If the double down wasn’t enough, imagine being able to put both of those methods together so that you can plan for and manage any active crisis. Our expert team has spent years working on all the pieces of the PR puzzle, making them excellent advisors for handling your current or potential crisis.

Our crisis management team is dedicated to planning and strategizing the communications tactics you need to provide immediate or eventual media intervention as well as removal or repair of negative press.

If you need a crisis plan or help managing your way through a crisis we, have you covered.


Media Training from Top PR Firm and News Media Talent

While there are other services to be offered along the way, one of the most beneficial we provide to our clients is in-depth media training provided by our on-staff, tenured news media pros. After all what good is getting all these interviews and articles if you are going to struggle your way through them?

The goal is to provide you with all the tools you need to effectively convey your point, achieve your goals, and become the authority on the topic. This will help you prepare for the questions that will be asked, understand and deliver a message, be targeted to the specific outlet, and master your equipment and lighting.

Our media experts come with over 25 years of experience and have seen and done it all. Ryan Bass has hosted hundreds of hours of television, has interviewed over 1000 subjects, and has covered everything from Super Bowls to Presidential elections, to major weather events.

Danielle Grossman is a current journalist for CNN Newsource, provides background as a local TV news anchor, and has even headed the launch of new TV affiliates where she hired, trained, and guided a full broadcast news team.

Reserving your spot to train with one or both of these experts will be sure to boost your credibility and will help you master your next interview making the most of the coverage you get with Otter PR.


PR Case Studies Make the Difference

In all, the proof truly is in the pudding. And the pudding for Otter PR lies within is the real, data-driven Case Studies that come out of our guaranteed media placements. Client success is the main factor that drives our publicists and Client Obsession is a core value to our team.

We will work tirelessly to get you, your brand, your business, or your story featured in the media, and our Case Studies prove it.


What Makes Otter PR One of the Top PR Firms in the US?

If you have gotten to this point in the article and are still asking this question, here is the secret to our growth and ranking. Being obsessed with a client’s success so much so that you will do everything possible to create a full range of services that directly affect public perception of a client’s business or brand. While doing so, scale quickly and hire experts that care more than the next firm and create a kick-ass, one-of-a-kind culture that exemplifies exactly what it means to hustle and work tirelessly for others’ benefit.

Doing these things, and more behind the scenes will be sure to cement any firm as one of the top in the country.

Devin Leonardi

Devin Leonardi

Devin is a full-stack marketing expert with experience driving lead generation across multiple industries and disciplines. His unique insight into creative design and branding place him at the top of his craft in creating public relations and marketing campaigns that convert time and time again.
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About Otter PR

Rated the #1 PR Firm in the US by Clutch and International Business Times, Otter PR adds a modern spin to traditional PR. As the only Tier-1 PR firm the guarantees coverage every month, and offers month-to-month service, it no wonder that companies like Alibaba, Boomers, and Bitcoin of America trust Otter PR.

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