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Growing from a startup to one of the nation’s top firms can take time. Sometimes it takes decades. Otter PR did it in less than three years., a highly respected data-driven platform recently gave Otter the title of #1 PR firm in Florida. It also placed it among the top PR firms in the nation. The award was based on recent polls and leader boards.

Otter knows that a variety of factors came together to contribute to its success. They include leadership, employees, clients, outlets, services, and offerings. Otter succeeded by creating an environment in which all of these components could come together synergistically.



The best public relations firms provide more to clients

Otter’s approach to PR sets it apart from other PR agencies. Its proprietary strategy is known as the OTR™ Process. It leverages Outreach, Trends, and Relationships to build unprecedented media momentum for clients. The pioneering process empowers success regardless of how media trends develop. It delivers for anyone with a story to tell, brand to build, or wealth of experience to share.


From the beginning, Otter was established with a narrowed focus on the digital space. As a result, it can guarantee coverage in top media outlets across the globe. Regardless of the brand, business, or industry, Otter’s methodology allows it to achieve the best PR results. Building and maintaining incredible media connections is just the start of what Otter does. Its supplemental services work in tandem with its main offerings to drive high-level wins that boost the public perception of a brand.


A keen focus on media relations

The service Otter offers is deeply rooted in media relations. Otter clients gain access to a vast database of journalists and media outlets. In many cases, Otter’s publicists have personal relationships with the outlets. These connections allow Otter to secure coverage for its clients in the best publications and platforms.

Additionally, Otter publicists are specialize in narrowing the communications gap by focusing on industry or niche-specific placements. This approach empowers strategic communications that provide guaranteed results for clients. Unlike other firms public relations agencies, Otter does not waste time blanketing your story to the media. It is a top PR agency because it knows how to get traction with your exact target audience.


A unique focus on client relations

Otter’s success can also be attributed to its unique approach to client relations. It’s easy-to-use onboarding process provides Otter publicists and writers with everything they need to push the client’s story. Properly outlined expectations are at the heart of the client plan. Once expectations are established, a 30-60-90 day execution plan kicks in. This allows Otter to navigate the world of public relations while its clients focus on growing their business. 

The consistency with which Otter executes on its PR strategy is central to its being named PR agency of the year. However, media placements are just one of the PR services it offers. Clients look to Otter for a range of other offerings. 


A PR agency for Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is often critical to a brand’s overall PR strategy. It is a massive part of promoting and protecting the public perception of any brand. The Otter team provides the expertise that brands need to ensure a strong online reputation.

Strong marketing is an important part of an integrated communications plan. Marketing, however, is only part of the overall communications pictures. Many of the other elements are more difficult to control. Search results, for example, make a statement about a brand that is difficult to manage. Otter understands that the search results related to a brand serve as that brand’s public record.

Negative search results can often have a negative impact. They keep brands from closing sales, creating new opportunities, or landing a dream client. Otter’s ORM services combine the power of press coverage with a proprietary method for reputation management. The result is a system that allows businesses to double down on building their brand. They build positive press while removing negative press. This is a critical step toward emerging as a leader in their field.

online reputation management, ORM

Integrated Crisis Management and Planning

The same expertise Otter uses for media placement and reputation management can also be leveraged for crisis management. Crises come to most companies. When they do, it is important to be prepared with a strategic response.

Otter has spent years developing the skills and experience needed for handling ongoing or potential crises. It knows how to drive employee engagement with a crisis strategy. It knows the tone and approach needed for healthy corporate communications. It also knows how to help its clients to manage a crisis in a way that boosts its corporate reputation. Rather than losing business, a professionally handled crisis can actually bring in new business.

The Otter crisis management team is available for strategic planning as well as immediate media intervention. To prepare for an eventual crisis, Otter can help in the development of a crisis plan. In the aftermath of a crisis, Otter can help with the removal or repair of negative press. Regardless of the need, Otter knows how to move quickly and professionally to provide crisis management services. 


News media talent and media training from the best PR firm

The goal of PR is achieving media exposure. Because Otter is confident that we will get that for its clients, it makes sure they are prepared. That is where its in-depth media training comes into play. It brings together PR and communications expertise to make every interview a win. While many PR firms stop with lining up interviews, Otter makes sure clients ace them.

This stand out service is provided by Otter’s on-staff, tenured news media pros. They provide excellent training and coaching that draws on their years of celebrated media success. As a result, Otter’s clients are prepared to effectively convey their point, achieve their goals, and be seen as the authority on the topic. Otter helps clients prepare for the questions that will be asked by clearly developing their message. It shows how to target their message for a specific outlet, as well as mastering video, sound, and lighting.

Otter’s media experts bring more than 25 years of experience to the table. Ryan Bass, who is one of the team who provides media training, has hosted hundreds of hours of television, including everything from Super Bowls to Presidential elections to major weather events. He makes available to Otter clients the expertise that he has gained from interviewing more than 1,000 subjects.


PR case studies provide a measure of success

Otter became one of the best PR firms in America by showing that it can deliver. Its guaranteed media placements result in real, data-driven Case Studies. Client across a wide range of industries have success stories to tell of how Otter helped promote their brand.

Client Obsession is the term Otter uses to describe the way our publicists approach their responsibilities. They work tirelessly to get brands and their stories featured in the media. The list of clients Otter has worked with provides countless case studies that show their efforts bear fruit.


What Makes Otter PR One of the Top PR Firms in the US?

So far you have read about the assets that make Otter one of the top PR agencies in the nation. What you may not have grasped was the importance of attitude. Otter is obsessed with its client’s success. This obsession drives it to provide a full range of services designed to create a positive public perception of a client’s business or brand. To manage those services, it created a kick-ass, one-of-a-kind culture that works tirelessly. As those components came together, it cemented Otter’s reputation as one of the top PR firms in the country.

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Rated the #1 PR Firm in the US by Clutch and International Business Times, Otter PR adds a modern spin to traditional PR. As the only Tier-1 PR firm the guarantees coverage every month, and offers month-to-month service, it no wonder that companies like Alibaba, Boomers, and Bitcoin of America trust Otter PR.

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