Otter PR Honored by The 2022 Manifest Global Awards for Most Reviewed Company

2022 Manifest global awards, most reviewed company

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Companies looking to thrive in today’s business world don’t settle for working with vendors. Rather, they seek out partners who have a proven record of going above and beyond for their clients. According to the recently announced 2022 Manifest Global Awards, Otter PR is one of those partners.


The Manifest is a B2B business news website that identifies the top service providers in a wide range of industries. In November 2022, it announced its list of the most recommended companies specializing in advertising and marketing services. Otter was awarded the top spot on the list for public relations companies, indicating that it had received the most verified reviews from clients. The award honors the outstanding partnerships that Otter has provided to its clients and the strong reviews that those clients have bestowed upon Otter.


“Getting their name out in the market is one of the most essential elements to a business’s success,” said Clutch Growth Operations Specialist Jamie Kenny. “These awards are an attempt to highlight the teams that provide those elements.”


The Manifest is a sister site to, which is a global web resource that attracts more than 1 million businesses each month in search of expert guidance on the most reliable companies in a variety of industries. In January 2022, Otter was named the No. 1 PR firm in the nation by Clutch.


Verified reviews reveal Otter’s outstanding performance


Companies honored with The Manifest Awards are highlighted as those operating at the highest levels in their respective industries. Each review considered in the awards process is verified by The Manifest. In addition to providing access to the client’s actual review, The Manifest also gives visitors to its platform a “feedback summary” that details the quality of service provided.


For example, one of the client reviews on Otter that The Manifest verified, which was submitted by an LGBTQIA+ non-profit, reads: “I find their care for our cause impressive. The positive attitude to build something from the ground up takes grit.”


The Manifest verified the review and provided this summary: “The professional and optimistic team exhibits superior professionalism in their work, leading to long-term engagement. Otter Public Relations is a professional team that delivers beyond the client’s expectations. They make sure to use valuable tools that showed care for the nonprofit’s mission.”


Another summary provided by The Manifest for Otter’s work, this time with a health tech startup, reads: “Otter Public Relations made the client feel as if they’re a part of one team. They scaled as to what they need. They were praised for their innovative approach and offerings, as well. Most of all, they were enjoyable to work with throughout the engagement.”


Otter’s patented innovative approach drives high levels of customer satisfaction


“We know that our patented approach to PR delivers impressive results for our clients,” says Dr. Jay Feldman, Co-Founder of Otter. “Receiving this Manifest Award is even more proof of that. It shows that our clients are willing to testify to how effective our approach is. The fact that they would take the time to support Otter with thoughtful reviews shows just how helpful our services have been to them.”


The patented approach that Jay refers to is known as OTR™, a proprietary strategy developed by Otter that is driven by a focus on outreach, trends, and relationships.


“Their innovative service offering makes them the best digital PR support company,” says one of the reviews featured on The Manifest.


“Otter was built upon expertise in business, marketing, and e-commerce. This brings an outside perspective that has allowed us to disrupt the PR space, delivering a service that is more effective and helps more people,” explains Otter Co-Founder Scott Bartnick. “The OTR™ strategy consistently and repeatedly delivers enormous results that propel our clients to new heights. When you read the reviews that led to The Manifest Award, that becomes clear.”

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