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Businesses looking for talented and trustworthy service providers often turn to UpCity, the proven online B2B resource that uses data-driven insights to identify the top rated options in a variety of fields. Those who look to UpCity to find the best public relations firm will discover Otter PR to be UpCity’s top rated recommendation.

UpCity’s 2022 Best of Florida Awards named Otter the top PR firm in Florida, applauding Otter’s tremendous work within the PR space. Otter was selected for the award from among tens of thousands of reviewed businesses based on a variety of online credibility ranking factors. UpCity identified Otter as a “100 Percent Positive” service provider that could be counted on as credible, reliable, and professional.

“Being recognized by UpCity as a top rated service provider is especially rewarding because it is driven in large part by being positively reviewed of our clients,” says Dr. Jay Feldman, Co-Founder of Otter. “The award is based on the real successes that we have achieved for real clients who aren’t hesitant to say that Otter has helped them to achieve their business goals.”

Every rating Otter has received on UpCity awarded them the maximum score of five stars. Many of the reviewers took time to point out the high level of professionalism Otter brings to projects and the boost Otter’s work has brought to their business.

“The features I’ve been seen in have helped me land some of the best clients I’ve worked with to date,” reported one reviewer. “Anytime I need PR, I return to Otter PR again and again. I highly recommend this talented, culturally competent, and ambitious team of professionals.”

A number of UpCity’s reviewers also highlight the effectiveness of Otter’s innovative approach to PR. Known as OTR™, the proprietary strategy is driven by a focus on outreach, trends, and relationships.

“We drew upon our expertise in business, marketing, and e-commerce when we were building Otter. That gave us an outside perspective, allowing us to change the space, be more effective, and help more people,” explains Otter Co-Founder Scott Bartnick. “We understand that our role is not only to innovate, but to innervate — to give our clients the nerves and the confidence to embrace new media and new ideas. We have found that our OTR™ strategy consistently and repeatedly delivers enormous results that propel our clients to new heights.”

UpCity’s evaluations of B2B providers is built upon a proprietary algorithm that assesses digital signals as a means of measuring a business’s credibility and trustworthiness. The result is a Recommendability Rating, which guides businesses toward top rated service providers that are trustworthy, effective, and a good fit for the project at hand.

A business’s presence in search engines is one of the factors that is considered by UpCity when considering recommendability. Businesses that rank highly in searches related to their field are considered by UpCity to be businesses that are a leading resource in their field or geographic area. Other factors that UpCity considers include the quality of engagement offered to UpCity users and the quality of information provided through the company’s online presence.

User reviews are the top factor in determining recommendability and one in which Otter was shown to shine. The reviews left by clients on the UpCity site reveal that Otter’s work results in much more than satisfied customers. The positive feedback springs from committed fans who know that the service Otter provides is exceptional.

“At Otter, we know how modern media works,” says Jay. “We have built an efficient public relations process that effectively leverages communication and storytelling. Our efforts have been proven again and again to result in our clients’ stories being seen. It’s the way we deliver value for clients every day.”

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Rated the #1 PR Firm in the US by Clutch and International Business Times, Otter PR adds a modern spin to traditional PR. As the only Tier-1 PR firm the guarantees coverage every month, and offers month-to-month service, it no wonder that companies like Alibaba, Boomers, and Bitcoin of America trust Otter PR.

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