A-La-Carte Pricing

We believe in clear and transparent pricing. Tiers are based on web authority and traffic. Select a specific media outlet or let our experts choose the best option in your desired Tier.

We guarantee placement in a media outlet in your chosen Tier or one that is equivelent. You get final say on placement. If we cannot get you published in your requested publication or equivelent, we will give you your money back.

How It Works

Choose which Tier publication you want to be featured in. You may ask us for a complete list.

You’ll complete a short onboarding form where you’ll tell us about your brand & preferences.

We’ll work with our contributors to craft a story to get you the best feature possible.

Answers to Your Questions

Should I let you choose the publication?

For niche brands, it is often best to let our experts find the best possible media coverage for you. You will have final say over the choice. We always recommend letting us choose!

Will the publication have a link to my website or social media?

Usually. Some of the larger media outlets allow Follow links while others do not. Most of the Tier 3-4 outlets do allow links to be used. You may request a Follow link so we can find a site that will allow it.

Can you guarantee placement in a specific publication?

Usually. Most of the Tier 3-4 outlets require editor approval but we have over a 95% success rate in getting you into your top choice. If we can’t get your top choice and can’t find a suitable equivelent for you, we will refund you.

How long will it take?

Publications may take up to 60 days to be written, submitted, and published live. This varies quite a bit and smaller outlets have faster turnarounds.

Let's work together

We interview every client to make sure that our relationship will be a fun one for everyone. Realistic expectations and real results.


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