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Organic social media is still a massive part of growing your business or personal brand. The right combination of content and placement can make or break how you create, cultivate, and grow your online community, but the platforms that facilitate this type of content have largely become pay-to-play. This means that you will likely get the most bang for your buck when you pay for placement and ads. So how do you answer back, adapt, and find new insight on how to keep your brand’s content the center of attention? Simple, play the game.

While many marketers are spreading the word that organic content is dead, and that we should stop dedicating resources and time garnering poor organic results, we argue that that is indeed not the case. In fact, it is a combination of the pay-to-play and organic model that is king.

Why your brand STILL needs a strong organic social media strategy:

Plain and simple, organic social reach creates engagement and opportunity that paid advertising simply cannot. Yes, it is true that getting in front of new customers is massively important, and that is not to be ignored what-so-ever, but the types of reach between paid and organic social media vary greatly. Here is what you’ll get out of organic good content:

1.     Brand positioning.

If done correctly, with the right content in mind for your specific niche or industry, you can set yourself up an authority in your specific field. This will create a level of trust between you and your target market hopefully leading them to work with you in the future.


2.     Defined brand values and standards.

Sharing your brand with the world means that you are sharing and posting content that is centered around your differentiating factors within your market. Whether you are sharing a story on Instagram or creating a technical following with posts on Linkedin, you need to constantly be separating yourself and identifying with your audience’s pain points in order to create agency among a growing community that will engage with your brand.


3.     A long-term marketing solution that sticks around.

No, creating organic content will not transform your business or brand overnight. Understanding that this is very much so a long game will allow you to create years of credibility within your business that should trickle down through the rest of your efforts. You could post a YouTube video tomorrow and get 30 views, but in a month or two could get thousands and thousands of views as time goes on.


4.     Engaged and empowered audiences.

The best way to understand your audience and their needs is to engage with them as often as possible. Organic social content inherently promotes this action. Getting feedback and response from the public is a great way to show your community that you care about them. Create content that sponsors engagement, respond to that engagement, good, bad, or ugly, and you will have won the hearts and minds of many.

What are the limiting factors in creating organic content that converts?

There are a few things that challenge the way you create organic reach on social media platforms. It is good to be aware of the nuances so that you best respond to them while creating content that converts.

1.     EVERYONE and EVERYTHING is on social media.

The sheer amount of competition on social media can be daunting, but don’t let that discourage you from creating and sharing content. All you need to do is find your specific niche and answer to that every time and you will be found.


2.     Consistently Changing Algorithms.

Just when you think you have cracked the code to gaining followers and likes on almost any platform, the algorithm for that platform can change at the drop of a hat. Take Instagram for instance, the former version of the algorithm prioritized likes and comments when placing your content within the chronological newsfeed, since then likes and comments have moved to the bottom of the list and saves and shares have become king. Not to mention the fact that the chronological timeline is now a thing of the past. The point here is that these algorithms are always changing and in order to be successful with your organic content strategy, you will need to take account of these changes as they happen, altering your content and delivery to best convert.


3.     Where Social Media Companies make their money.

     You always need to keep in mind that these platforms are “free” to the public to use, but require a lot of capital to run and therefore rely on paid advertisement to keep the doors open and push change initiatives and improvements. This means that they are less incentivized to push or promote your organic content.

How to create organic social strategy around all this:

So what does this all mean for you, as someone who is looking to grow your business or brand with organic content in mind? In reality, just like everything else social media related, it means that you need to follow the trends, but not give up on the content you create when you don’t see the immediate results you want. You need to know that the true value in organic content is it’s effectiveness in community-building and audience engagement. With that in mind, here are a few things you can do to supplement your organic social strategy:

1.     Focus on creating visual content.

Video and motion graphic content converts at a 3 to 1 rate in paid advertisement, the same theory applies to organic content as well. The more eye-catching and engaging the better. Video will always win out!


2.     Educate your followers.

Creating content that genuinely educates your base and sets them up for success is a proven method of not only setting yourself and your brand up as an authority in your space, but it also build credibility within your business. Share your hacks to this, your secrets to that, but ALWAYS leave them wanting more. Best not to leave it all out there on the table because then what will they need you for?


3.     Find groups and Communities to Share Ideas.

Every social platform contains some way for groups and communities to form around specific topics and offerings. Become part of these, post your content to them and ask them to share your work with the outside community. It is important to not that this is NOT A PLACE TO SELL your products or services. It is simply a place for ideas to grow a flourish. Shoot, you may even find some content ideas here as well.


4.     Harness the power of influences.

There is an old saying out there that says something to the effect of, “if you follow the loaded wagon, something is bound to fall off.” There are a lot of influencers out there who have built massive communities in specific niches and categories and they are continually looking to grow. If you can provide them some sort of value in your service or product in trade for placement on their channels, go for it! This is a great way to spread the work about your business or brand for “almost” free.


So, what does this all mean for your brand and the content you produce? Well, as we mentioned earlier, you need to play the social media game. If you need to get customers and get them fast, do what that platforms are optimized to do and spend a little money getting your brand seen. However you are going to want to pair that with an extremely strong organic content strategy that provides value to your followers. Once you have reeled them in, it is the role of that organic content to keep them there, creating lasting relationships that result in increased reach, authority, credibility and eventually sales of some kind. All you need to do is, create the right type of content, place it appropriately, and be patient enough to see it convert for your brand.

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