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You’re an entrepreneur or thought leader who wants to share your ideas, products, or services with the world. Becoming a podcast guest is a great way to get your voice heard. Having a reputation as a great podcast guest will ensure that you keep getting invited to be on podcasts! Read on to make sure you’re following these crucial steps to being a great podcast guest. 

Do Your Homework Before 

Every podcast has some unique aspect to it that aids its branding. Make sure you’re aware of this and of the topics that are typically covered. Do they have certain segments or questions that they ask in every episode? It’s a good idea to have the answers to these questions so that you’re a prepared and knowledgeable podcast guest!

It’s also a good idea to stay up to date. Try to listen to a couple of the newest episodes to get a feel for the format of the show.

Be Aware Of Your Audience

As the podcast guest, it’s important to know the demographic of the audience you’re speaking to. For example, you might have to change the way you speak on a podcast that has an older demographic versus one with a younger audience. Do some research on the target audience. What are their interests? Can you reference any of them while you’re on the show? If you understand who you’re addressing, you will be a much more relevant guest and increase your chances of being asked to reappear!

Make Your Environment Podcast Ready

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If you’re not physically coming into a studio to appear on the podcast, you’re most likely joining remotely. You want to make sure that the environment you’re in is as appropriate for a podcast as possible. This means that you should be in a quiet space and should do the prep beforehand to ensure that is possible. Make sure that the dogs aren’t barking, the baby is asleep and that your phone is silenced! Nothing makes a podcast guest more unappealing than letting there be constant interruptions in the background. 

Invest In The Appropriate Technology 

If your audio is not good enough quality then it might not even be usable. You don’t want to be that podcast guest that wastes everyone’s time by having to re-record your episode. Be sure to have a high quality microphone (this means don’t use your standard Macbook audio!). 

As well as a good quality microphone, you’ll want to invest in a decent webcam, too. If you have one of the newer Macbook models, that webcam should work just fine! Otherwise, you might want to look into buying one you can attach to your computer. It might seem strange to need to invest in a webcam for a podcast, but many podcasters like having video footage of their podcasts, as well, to use as shareable snippets on their social media platforms. 

This also means making sure that the environment you’re in has decent lighting, as well! Keep these things in mind when looking to get technology for your next podcast appearance.

Organize Your Thoughts

You’re going to want to have a framework put in place for what you’re talking about. You don’t want to be a podcast guests that just start rambling, as that will confuse or bore your audience. It’s a good idea to plan out exactly what you want to say throughout the podcast. 

For example, you’ll want a hook for your introduction. Find a way to captivate your audience in the beginning! Mention your credibility and what value you’re providing by being today’s guest. Make the audience want to wait until the end of the podcast for you to give them what you’re promising them. The podcast host will greatly appreciate having a guest speaker who holds the audience’s attention until the very end! 

It’s also a good idea to quantify or put into steps what you’re speaking about. This will keep your ideas organized and provide clarity for the audience.

Lastly, when the podcast host asks you to introduce yourself — don’t go on a five minute, in-depth rant covering your whole life! Use this opportunity to point out relevant accomplishments you’ve made that have landed you on this podcast. Make your introduction more about the value and knowledge you’re going to bring to the audience than just simply about you. People typically listen to podcasts to learn or be entertained. A great podcast guest fulfills that desire, even from the very beginning!

Keep A Great Relationship With The Host 

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The last tip for being a great podcast guest is to make sure you’re being kind and courteous to the host! This means showing up on time, overdelivering on your promises to help keep the audience engaged, and of course, reviewing the podcast afterwards. Reviews and ratings really help podcasts gain relevancy, so if you review the podcast without being asked, the host of the podcast will think highly of you. If you want to go above and beyond, ask if there are other ways you can help support the show. Most likely, the host will say yes and want you to promote the show on your social media channels. Keeping a great relationship with the host and following that post-podcast etiquette is a valuable tip that is often overlooked.

In Conclusion 

Keep these tips in mind and you will for sure be the prized podcast guest that everyone will want to keep reappearing on their podcasts! Check out our newest YouTube to gain more tips and tricks on how to be a great podcast guest.

How To Be A Great Podcast Guest - Get Rebooked On Any Podcast
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