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Is design really that important when it comes to curating a successful business?

Let’s set the scene: you are an entrepreneur. You own a small business, or maybe you are your own brand. You have many ideas in your head about how to make your business come to life, but you’re unsure of the best practices to do so visually. You hear professionals tell you you need to have a well-designed brand and website, but you’re not sure why.  Design is important in successfully marketing your business and it might be for more reasons than you think! 

You need your brand to be recognizable. 

Think about the biggest companies out there. Their logos instantly pop into your mind, and you know exactly who they are without having to think twice about it. A nicely designed logo will always generate buzz and catch interest. The “M” in McDonald’s is a bright yellow “M” set against an equally bright red background. It’s referred to sometimes as the “golden arches” and compared to their fries. It’s a logo that stands out, conveys the brand’s identity, and is versatile: it can be used as a part of the full name of the company, or used in it’s short form as an “M” by itself. Like McDonald’s, the entire branding identity of your business should be designed in a way that will set your business apart from the competition. This means being aware of modern design trends when considering the colors, fonts and images that you want to represent your business or brand’s message. A designer will ensure that you’re using colors that work well together, as well as help you create a modern, creative logo.

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Without a good website, your business can only go so far. 

The entire world is on the internet now. While the old standard for building a website for your business was that it merely needed to work, a simple functional website these days is not likely to stand out against the crowd. It is more important now more than ever to have a website that not only just functions, but is accessible to all types of people, as well. Besides the fact that 1 in 4 Americans are reported to have a disability, websites that have accessibility rank better in Google’s search engine results. That means making sure that you follow best design practices to ensure that people are able to easily read and navigate your website. A designer with knowledge of user experience will be able to make sure that your website is performing and looking the best it can. Additionally, having a functioning website that is accessible and also looks aesthetically pleasing will increase your conversion rate; people just don’t tend to stay very long on websites that are hard to see or navigate. 

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A well designed campaign can take you far. 

Have you ever seen an advertisement so creative you just had to click on it? While a good marketing campaign is definitely integral to an advertisement’s success, another crucial component of a successful advertisement is good design. The little details of a design tend to go unnoticed, but it’s these minute details that can make or break the success of your ad. Did you know that even the type, size, and placement of a font can change the way people perceive an ad? When it comes to advertisements, first impressions matter more than ever. Recent studies have shown that the human attention span is shortening due to the overload of information we’re constantly presented with from having instant access to the internet. If you want your ad to perform well, you need to make sure it has an eye-catching design. Consulting a designer to help bring your marketing campaigns to life will give you the professional insight needed to help you figure out how to create a campaign with a design that looks good, while aiding your marketing efforts by capturing the attention of your target audience.

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While at first glance, marketing and design may not seem closely related to some, they are actually two important sides of the same coin. Knowing how to properly market your business or brand is the most surefire way to success, however, this cannot be done without using best design practices to ensure that your company’s message is clear and well-received. A recognizable brand, an accessible website, and cleverly designed campaigns are impertinent to your success as an entrepreneur and business owner, and these components cannot be achieved without knowledge of design. 

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