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Digital Media And How It Affects Your Business

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We are now in the era where the internet is king. Did you know that as of February 2019, at least 74 percent of Americans owned a desktop computer or personal laptop? It seems as if everybody is on the internet these days. That number is only projected to grow, too. According to Cyber Security Ventures, there are projected to be more than 6 billion people on the internet by 2022. So, the internet is popular now and it’s safe to assume that it will only continue to grow in popularity. The rise of media consumed digitally is bound to affect your business and here’s how. 

People Are Forming Connections 

The rise of the internet has allowed people to connect in ways that were never possible before. There is instant access to communication to anyone you’d want from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection! People are using the internet as a way to gather and socialize, especially with the onset of the pandemic. Virtual connection has been more important now than ever. 

With this in mind, the internet can be a mountain of valuable information and insights on your target audience. Maybe you join a forum, group or website that you think your target audience would be a part of. Maybe you look at the type of content that your competitions’ target audiences are consuming. There are plenty of ways to go about using the goldmine of information that the internet has provided for you to better understand your audience. Never before has there been such instant access to important information on your target audience. Once you know your target audience and the kinds of things they are forming connections over, you can use the information to better market your product or service. 

People Are Doing Business Differently 

With a transition to a more digital-based world, people are starting to manage their businesses in more modern ways. For example, important documents are being printed and signed less. Instead, people are sending things and signing things digitally now. Training an employee used to exclusively mean shadowing a senior employee. With the rise of digital media, training videos one can watch from the comfort of their own laptop are increasing in popularity. And, don’t forget the communication platforms that more and more workplaces are utilizing to help keep their businesses organised. Did you know that Slack has 10+ million daily active users? Another popular workplace app, Zoom, has skyrocketed in popularity, due to COVID-19 increasing the need for a digital-based way to communicate. According to, Zoom had a 169% increase in sales within three months during the start of the pandemic. 

With these examples in mind, it’s clear that the way businesses operate has been affected forever by the rise of the internet. What does that mean for your business? You might decide to operate your business either partially or completely online. Remote companies are growing in popularity. According to, 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely by 2025! You might decide to cater your business to other businesses who operate digitally, as well. Maybe that’s through offering consultations via zoom or other social media. Either way, the internet is not only a fun way to communicate with others, it’s also a valuable tool to increase productivity and revenue for your business. 

In Conclusion

Digital media and virtual applications are on the rise and there is no sign of them slowing down. The connections formed on the internet are increasing and transgressing geographical boundaries. In addition, businesses are also seeing the value in social media and the internet as a tool to increase their success. Now is the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon and utilize the internet to further your business goals and get to know your target market better.

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