Communications Audit

Through our individualized process, we will work together to measure the effectiveness of your current communications. This will help determine how your target audience perceives your brand’s messaging. By focusing on creating an understanding of your Ideal Customer Avatar (ICA), calls to action, external tools, and opportunities, we can then provide you recommendations for an effective path forward.

The Five-Step Audit Process


Determine Your Ideal Customer Avatar
It is critically important to the success of your marketing, sales, product development, and delivery of services that you have a deep understanding of who your Customer Avatar is.


Evaluate Audience Calls to Action
We will cover your Ideal Customer journey to determine how to get conversions. Whether a sale, brand recognition, or joining a call, we will discover which CTAs work.


Optimized Content Analysis (SEO)
As you run your campaigns, it's critical to know how people find you organically. Our goal is to determine the top five keywords used on your site and in your PR.


Review External Communications
Now that we know who we are targeting and what we want them to do, it's time to review our current tools and ensure they align with the goal.


Provide Actionable Recommendations
Having taken a deep dive into your external communications, we can use this material to build an action plan and help you achieve your goals!

Communications Audit

Our guided, step-by-step process for auditing existing communications tactics and providing actionable steps for improvement.