Where to Submit a Press Release [27 Free Sites Included]

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Something huge just happened at your company. Maybe the funding that you have been waiting for finally came through. Or maybe you made an amazing new hire. Whatever it is, if it something that is going to impress your customers (as well as those who have yet to become your customers), you need to let […]

Crisis Management and Why Every Business Needs a Crisis Management Plan?


Business crises come in all shapes and sizes. A data breach is a business crisis. An employee turned whistleblower is also a business crisis. And a failed product definitely is a business crisis. While crises can take a variety of forms, they all have a few things in common. For one, they have the potential […]

Otter PR Ranks #1 Amongst the Top PR Firms in the US by Clutch.co

Top PR Firms

In less than three years, the team at Otter PR has grown from a fully owner-operated start-up to one of the top PR firms in the US. Recent polls and leader-boards provided by clutch.co, a highly respected data-driven platform based on client reviews and vetted by market leaders, list Otter PR as the #1 PR […]

Crisis Communications Tactics for 2022

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A reputational crisis is every brand’s worst nightmare. Whether it is the result of a poorly timed comment, a poorly worded ad, or poorly planned decision that plays out for the world to see, any attack on your brand’s reputation can destroy in a matter of days what it has taken you years to build. […]