Bradley & Parker Insurance: CEO Wynne Nowland

Case Study

Wynne Nowland

Project Overview

Wynne Nowland, a transgender woman, wished to establish herself as a thought leader in the LGBTQIA+ community with a unique story and viewpoint. Prior to engaging Otter PR, she had gained top-tier media success. She wanted to capitalize on that momentum to further earn media attention, primarily for her personal brand, and secondarily for her company, Bradley & Parker Insurance. wynne nowland

The Problem

The client wished to leverage success from a top-tier media placement to earn additional coverage as an LGBTQIA+ advocate and to continue earning top-tier exposure as a thought leader.

The Strategy

Otter PR selected specific elements of Wynne’s story that would differentiate her from others in the space. We highlighted the personal aspects of her journey, including her age at the time of her transition, as well as the daring way she came out to her entire company while serving as CEO. Wynne was able to offer perspectives on leadership, diversity, and womanhood previously underrepresented in the media.
We began by presenting Wynne’s business savvy and sharing the struggles she faced while transitioning as a CEO in the conservative industry of corporate insurance. We were able to broaden this aspect to include HR, offering advice for expanding a company’s DEI efforts and practical advice on creating an inclusive work environment. We then shifted to more personal topics, such as body positivity and size inclusivity, as well as Wynne’s personal journey during her transition, including why she waited, the struggles she faced, and advice for others.

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In addition to our pre-planned strategy, we capitalized on trending topics in the LGBTQIA+ community, which have been hot-button issues in the past year. We pitched Wynne for commentary on the issues that affected her way of life, including trans athlete bans, Pride, and the overturning of Roe vs. Wade.

Business Impact (Results)

In nine months of working with Otter PR, Wynne has been featured in Business Insider, NBC’s TODAY, Yahoo!, LGBTQNation, and more. With 25 pieces of media coverage, Wynne has over 2.8 million estimated views on her media placements. These successes have received almost 1,000 social media shares, increasing her overall total of publication-wide audience to 3.84 billion.

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