Case Study

Project Overview 

Sabrina Bradley is a top-rated skincare consultant throughout the Los Angeles area, and is widely known as a true hidden gem to the city. Her ultimate goal is to educate the importance of maintaining a healthy daily skincare routine between professional treatments as a lifestyle.

Sabrina discovered her passion for skincare when she was just 18 by attending Mary Kay meetings and skincare talks during her lunch breaks at work. This inspired her to get her esthetician license. She graduated from both Phagan Beauty School in Portland, Oregon, and Marinello Beauty School in Los Angeles, California, gaining a detailed education in the art of healthy skin and beauty treatments.

Sabrina Bradley used her experience as a skincare professional to launch SkinBySabrina, earning the moniker of “Glowmaster” due to her holistic approach to skincare and making her a notable name in the industry. Sabrina’s mission became spreading positivity and spirituality by building confidence within her clients from the inside out.

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The Problem 

While Sabrina had all the credentials of becoming a big name in the skincare game, she knew that she would need to build her client base and further establish her reputation. Sabrina’s hope with PR was to share her incredible story about how skincare changed her life, and how she could help people do the same.

The Strategy 

Otter PR branded Sabrina as a skincare expert known for her holistic and aesthetic style as a facialist. Her skincare practices are unlike those offered by anyone else in the industry, as she incorporates ancient skincare practices with new-age technology. However, it was not an easy road for Sabrina to earn her title as “Glowmaster.” Sabrina had a difficult upbringing and overcame many adversities in order to become one of the best in a competitive business.

Otter PR thought it was important for Sabrina to share her personal life story to create pathos with her clients so they would have more of an appreciation for her work. Additionally, we wanted to emphasize the love and respect Sabrina has for her clients. Sabrina stands out from the crowd because she teaches her clients the skincare process, and shows them how to live a holistic lifestyle of the mind, body, and spirit. “When you have glowing skin it boosts your confidence, success, and can even change your life,” is the message Sabrina declares.

Business Impact (results) 

Otter PR regularly pitched Sabrina Bradley to LA publications and news stations to further build her credibility and clientele in California. This targeted outreach led to Sabrina building a large client list and social media presence. Furthermore, her multiple features in the news, magazines, and blogs increased her ethos in the skincare industry confirming her top expert status.

Through Otter PR’s efforts, Sabrina has become more widely recognized as a top skincare entrepreneur currently running her own successful business, SkinBySabrina, in Los Angeles. Her client list and client retention has grown through her presence in the press. 

Additionally, her credibility has also been boosted by her press coverage. Sabrina has had a continuous increase in her social media followers, which has allowed her to reach out to even more people outside the LA area. With her newly elevated platform, she is able to spread her message to an even broader digital audience and inspire all who hear her story.

Picture of Brittany Bearden

Brittany Bearden

Brittany has been a publicist for more than 10 years and has written over 2000 press releases.


Picture of Brittany Bearden

Brittany Bearden

Brittany has been a publicist for more than 10 years and has written over 2000 press releases.

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