National Academy of Inventors

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National Academy of Inventors

Project Overview

The National Academy of Inventors (NAI) is an organization that recognizes and supports inventors and their innovations. It was founded in 2010 to promote innovation and encourage the translation of inventions into products and services that benefit society. NAI is made up of over 4,000 members, including inventors, researchers, academics, and business leaders.

NAI seeks to raise awareness of the importance of innovation and the role that inventors play in driving economic growth and improving the quality of life. Through its programs and initiatives, NAI helps inventors develop their ideas and bring them to commercial markets.

NAI also recognizes outstanding inventors through its Fellows program, which honors individuals who have made significant contributions to innovation and whose work has had a positive impact on society. Becoming a Fellow of the NAI is a prestigious achievement, and it comes with a range of benefits, including access to resources, networking opportunities, and increased visibility for one’s work.

The Problem

NAI was seeking press to provide additional benefits to their Fellows through media coverage. They also sought to help raise awareness of the important work that its Fellows are doing and to highlight the impact of innovation on society. 

The primary goal of this media coverage is to bring attention to the research and inventions of NAIs members. NAI also hoped this coverage would inspire future generations of inventors and foster a deeper culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in modern society.

The Strategy

Because this client’s account (NAI) comprised multiple key stakeholders (i.e., “Fellows”), our team had to craft a strategy that would successfully highlight the research and work each Fellow was doing. As such, we decided against a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach and instead customized our pitches to best fit the PR needs of each individual Fellow as well as those of the NAI.

After initial talks with the client, Otter PR immediately began developing a comprehensive public relations strategy for NAI. This process included the following steps:

  1. Highlighting the research each Fellow was doing
  2. Devising pitches according to each Fellow’s respective work
  3. Identifying key media outlets, journalists, and influencers in the innovation and technology space to pitch stories related to NAI’s Fellows and their research. 

Once this strategy was outlined, our team contacted each of the NAI’s Fellows and asked them about their work. We then sent out several pitches custom-tailored for each Fellow, promoting roughly three of them each month. Because each Fellow’s work focused on different fields of research/innovation/study/etc., we ultimately decided to distribute our pitches to a broader array of media outlets to maximize the client’s media coverage opportunities.

Business Impact (results)

Otter PR was successfully able to increase the visibility and awareness of NAI’s mission, programs, and Fellows and inspire future generations of inventors. As such, our team was able to accomplish NAI’s goals with PR and media coverage.

This success is highlighted by the following metrics Otter PR was able to achieve for NAI:

  1. 47 pieces of media coverage.
  2. 489k estimated views.
  3. 412M+ readership audience.
  4. Average domain score/authority of 66.
Tags: inventions, MEDICAL, Science, thought leadership
Picture of Brittany Bearden

Brittany Bearden

Brittany has been a publicist for more than 10 years and has written over 2000 press releases.


Picture of Brittany Bearden

Brittany Bearden

Brittany has been a publicist for more than 10 years and has written over 2000 press releases.

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