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Project Overview 

Dr. Karaneh Jahan opened up her holistic dental practice, Brio Dental, in 2019 just before the onset of a global pandemic. Her intention was to create a welcoming, positive, and affirming atmosphere for patients looking for a different, more personable dental experience. 

With a diverse team and alternative treatments in place, Brio Dental provides comprehensive and evolved practices for each patient. Looking to become the go-to, exclusive dental clinic for local high-profile patients and figures in the Portland, OR region, Brio contracted Otter PR with the aim to increase awareness and local coverage of their business to help gain greater media exposure and more clients. As Dr. Jahan told us, this aim would assist with her and her team’s goal of opening another location within the next three to five years.

The Problem 

Brio Dental, based in the North Portland area and serving the surrounding communities, provides holistic, general, and cosmetic dentistry serving the whole person — from self-care to oral care and beyond. Believing that oral health is inherently important to all patients’ well-being and happiness, Dr. Jahan is consistently recognized for her ability to provide gentle, high-quality care to help as many people as she can to achieve a healthier life, greater comfort, and a brighter smile. 

To maintain this recognition, Dr. Jahan and her team at Brio regularly invest in the latest holistic technology, training, and products. Most importantly, however, is that Brio Dental takes the time to truly get to know the personal needs of each of its clients. 

Dr. Jahan was aware that the industry as a whole rarely keeps the entire health of patients in mind, nor the longevity of their health. Dr. Jahan approached Otter PR with the goal to become a leader in the industry and show other professionals that alternative approaches not only work, but are more effective in maintaining systemic health.

The Strategy 

Our team began pitching Dr. Jahan and her mission with Brio Dental twice a week, every week until we paused pitching to catch up on her media successes. With alternative medicine being a trending topic nowadays, we quickly noticed that the uniqueness of holistic dentistry piqued interest amongst journalists, reporters, and other professionals in health, as well as patients looking for a comprehensive and compassionate dental experience

We capitalized on the company culture and modern approach of Brio Dental to speak for itself. Our team noticed how the most successful pitches we sent out tended to include topics pertaining to how one’s oral health can impact the body’s microbiome and overall health. Insight on how oral health can be an indicator of systemic diseases — along with the ability to provide patients with research-based, non-toxic, natural care treatments coupled with modern technology — highlighted how Dr. Jahan’s passion for giving patients effective, sustainable options could help them have healthy mouths, mind, and bodies.

Business Impact (results) 

Dr. J is getting back to me with metrics for the company, but she has increased her staff and just hired a new doctor to work alongside her at Brio Dental. She made note that there’s a distinct amount of patients that look specifically for minority and female-owned businesses, so having the Portland listing was very impactful for her. As well as being on a local radio station, we’ve helped increase the regional attention on her practice.

Otter Staff

Otter Staff

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