Joule Smart Note

Case Study

Joule Smart Note is an all-in-one workspace for students that has evolved from an e-commerce product into a viral media sensation through their work with Otter PR. In working with our team of PR professionals, Joule was able to be featured in some of the world’s largest technology and business outlets, which continue to drive traffic to their platform and provide a massive overall ROI for their business.

The Problem

Joule Smart Note was competing in a market against much larger and more established competitors. In order to gain an advantage, the company had to differentiate itself with a unique value proposition. After their friends at Mac Case experienced numerous successes with a comprehensive media strategy with their own company, Joule ultimately decided to work with Otter PR.

The biggest contention that Joule initially had was a need to see a strong return from their PR efforts. Like most e-commerce companies, Joule is an extremely data-driven platform, so we prioritized the tracking and establishing of concrete data to prove the ROI they could receive.

The Strategy

When working with e-commerce companies, we focus on the following two primary strategies:

  1. Sampling: This involves getting the specific product into the hands of reporters and journalists interested in trying it and writing about it from an objective point of view, which is an especially powerful strategy for emerging technologies.
  2. Listicles and Gift Guides: We have an extensive network of journalists who regularly compile gift guides for some of the world’s largest media publications. These guides are the perfect opportunity for an e-commerce store to receive top-tier coverage, powerful backlinks for SEO, and consistent organic traffic to its platform.

Both of these strategies proved successful with this product. Overall, our team was able to generate immense coverage for Joule, bringing increased traffic and sales to their store.

The Result

Through working with Otter PR, Joule was able to obtain coverage in many top-tier outlets including Men’s Journal and Forbes. From this, their company experienced an impressive 42% overall increase in traffic over the course of 3 months, as well as a spike in sales; however, they preferred not to disclose the exact number of sales made. Nevertheless, it became clear that Joule had indeed received the ROI they were hoping to obtain, as well as numerous sources of ongoing, organic traffic and a comprehensive boost to their SEO through working with Otter PR.



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