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Case Study

What happens when you combine innovative technology with a powerful story? The result is Deep Sentinel, a smart home security system that integrates with human eyes to maximize protection. Within a matter of mere weeks, Otter PR was able to help elevate Deep Sentinel from “just another home security system” to a viral must-have product of 2021.

The Problem

David Selinger, CEO of Deep Sentinel, came to us with a problem. His company had an amazing, innovative product that was generating rave reviews from their customers, but was having issues differentiating themselves from their more well-established competition that already held the trust of the market. We were tasked with not only differentiating Deep Sentinel from their competitors in the industry, but instilling trust in buyers that their product and service were more reliable and valuable.

The Strategy

After watching Deep Sentinel’s product videos and being informed of the company’s value proposition by their marketing team, we decided that the product and service itself should be the overall focus of the PR and media strategy. Because the product was genuinely unique and boasted innovative technology, we decided to let these aspects speak for themselves.

We began by getting Deep Sentinel’s product into the hands of some of the country’s top reporters and journalists in tech and home security. As expected, many in our media network loved the product and the story behind it, resulting in David being invited for numerous interviews to cover the product in broader detail.

The Result

After securing only a handful of media placements for Deep Sentinel, news of the company’s product went viral across dozens of news stations throughout the US. The exposure was groundbreaking, reaching more than 5 million Americans at their home with an estimated ad value of more than $60,000 USD.

In addition, this viral success helped to validate the authenticity of Deep Sentinel to the story’s viewers. This, in turn, helped to establish trust with a greater portion of the company’s target market, leading to an exponential increase in online traffic and sales.

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Otter Staff

Otter Staff

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